yoga for caregivers

Last fall, I did my first ever workshop in Winnipeg, Manitoba. You can read about it here: day one, day two, day three. And I sort of fell in love with the town – particularly the hippie neighbourhood of Wolsley. One of the people who made my visit possible at all was a wonderful woman, …

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yogi beans teaching yoga to kids

I’m sitting here in the Minneapolis Airport on my way to New York tonite. And I get an email from my new friend and colleague Joe Noonan. He’s cc’d his friend Lauren to introduce us. He says, I don’t know if Tad is coming to NYC to give a talk or workshop, but if he …

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The Oversexualization of Yoga

Just read a fascinating article about the ways that sex is used to sell yoga. It’s becoming more and more common to see photos not unlike the one here in yoga ads or on yoga products. The article is fascinating . . . The Oversexualization of Yoga Amy Verner From Saturday’s Globe and Mail Published …

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Yoga for Round Bodies

Tiina Veer is a client of mine who’s an amazing example of the power of proper niching in action. Instead of trying to make her yoga class appeal to everyone – she chose a very particular niche. People who don’t look like Barbie Dolls. There’s a whole community of people with ’round bodies’ who might …

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Samarya Center: Unfold

An amazing community centered yoga center in Seattle that decided to buck the system and do it all differently. [vsw id=”iJfnA-iJwMI” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]  If you’d like get cool posts like this in your inbox every few days CLICK HERE to subscribe to my blog and you’ll also get a free copy of my fancy new …

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