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If you’re reading this, you’re already familiar with my work and are considering joining in on this online “Feel Good Marketing Fellowship,” this raggedy, motley crew of wayward entrepreneurs, this Hippy Marketing Club, this Coalition of Creatives, this Community of Conscious Entrepreneurs, this League of Life Coaches, this Haven of Healers and Hippie Business Owners, this Slow Marketing Society.

In short: the Marketing for Hippies Membership. 

I’ve been running my Membership since December of 2020 and it’s only gotten better with time.

If you’re brand new to my work, this letter is not the best way to get to know me and my philosophy. 

I’d suggest starting with:

  • My Marketing for Hippies “Starter Kit”: This is the full footage (and then some) of my signature, daylong Marketing for Hippies 101 workshop that I’ve toured for twenty years.
  • The Five Fundamentals page: This page takes most of my content and divides it into five categories which I call “fundamentals” (shown in the pyramid below). My work and this Membership are heavily based on these:

The Annual Rhythm of the Marketing for Hippies (MfH) Membership:

The MfH Membership has an annual cycle of four, quarterly, six-week programs (which include three months of “practice calls” on Thursdays to integrate the content from the six-week program). 

Ethics and niching are a through-line of the entire year. There are no specific, six-week programs related to them. 

Through these programs, you have a chance to deepen into the Five Fundamentals (triangle graphic above) in a systematic way.

By the end of a year, you’ll have done a full cycle through all of the five fundamentals with a bonus kicker of cashflow tactics in The Meantime. 

The Weekly Rhythm

There is a weekly rhythm to the MfH Membership. The call times sometimes vary slightly depending on the availability of people to lead them. We aim to offer options that work for people located all over the globe.

Mondays: Niching Practice Calls (1am and 10am Pacific). These calls begin with playing a video of mine featuring a simple exercise to sort out your niche. You will have some time to think of your answers to the questions and then to go into small breakout rooms to share what you’ve come up with and then you’ll go back to the large group to share any major insights. The purpose of the practice calls is to actually do work. The easiest way to avoid meditation? Read books about meditation. Easiest way to avoid niching? Watch my videos on niching.

Tuesdays: Community Collaboration Calls (CCC) (3pm Pacific). These calls are a chance for you to get coaching from the other members. You’ll be broken off into a group of four other members and each of you will get about twelve minutes of time to share your issue and receive coaching from those on the call.

Wednesdays: Copy Clinics (9am Pacific). Want feedback on your homepage, bio or a sales letter? Bring these to the copy clinics which has a fairly similar structure to the CCC’s above with the difference that you bring your copy to the group in a GoogleDoc and they had twelve minutes each to go in and comment on it.

Thursdays: Quarterly Semester Program Themed Practice Calls (2am and 10am Pacific)These calls are a chance to dig deeper into the content from whatever the current or most recent program was. 

Fridays: Mastermind Calls with Tad (12pm Pacific). These are the only calls that I’m on during the week. If you want coaching directly from me in a group context, this is your best chance to do it. 

The Five Elements Of Your Semesters

Element #1: The Webinar. Each semester will start with a content-packed and example rich, 90-minute webinar giving the lay of the land of the content of that semester. This will help you wrap your head around what you’re headed into and get oriented.

Element #2: Live Calls for each Quarterly Semester Program. Each semester will kick off with six highly focused, hands-on, live calls. 

This means you get to participate in all four of my six-week programs for no additional cost. 

What are they?

QI: The Meantime

QII: Point of View Marketing 

QIII: Business Model

QIV: Hub Marketing

The live calls are 90-minute each. They happen on the first six Tuesdays of your semester. 

These will take you step-by-step in applying the content to your own business situation. 

There will be be two calls per Tuesday (twelve calls in total) – one at 10am Pacific and one at 6pm Pacific. You’ll only come to one of these. The first of these calls is an orientation call to make sure you know where to find everything and how the course works. 

Element #3: Course Materials. Each semester will have rich, hand-selected course material full of some combinations of eBooks, DIY workbooks, key resources and specific homework to do in between calls. 

Element #4: Bonus Content. The membership has thousands of pieces of content. Each semester has a highly organized “collection” of the content most relevant to that semester. 

Element #5: Deep Dive. Each semester will finish with a live, three-hour, get down to work deep dive where you dig in to take everything you’ve learned and pull it together into something useful for you.

And then there are…

A few more wee bonuses

Since almost everything you do in any of these semesters hinges on you having a workable target market, each month, you’ll have a chance to attend a sixty-minute, rapid-fire, feedback factory of next steps for your existing target markets. 

You bring yours to the call and I will, personally, give you my honest take on where it’s strong, weak and exactly what you can do to take it to the next level. 

Ah! And I forgot to mention your regular …

In 2022, we hosted 52 guest presenters on a wide range of topics. We may or may not ever have that many each year, but you can expect at least one presentation from either external guests or fellow members on topics relevant to growing your business.

Want to meet other members?

Once a month, we host a Networking for Hippies where you can meet the other members and get to know them a bit better than the regular calls allow. If you’re looking for hubs, accountability buddies and kindred spirits, this is a good way to do it. 

Like everything else in the membership, these are all optional to attend and will all be recorded and placed in just the right place to find it later when you need it.

But what about all the content? 

There’s a lot, and so here’s how we’ve made it as streamlined as possible for you:

Each collection has, or will soon have, a START HERE section that will orient you to the content in that area. Each collection will have the content organized in the most logical order to go through it.  

I have migrated all of my content onto this platform (except for Instagram content). 

So you won’t need to go to a distracting portal like YouTube or Facebook to check things out. It will only get more organized as time goes on. 

Plus, each of the Zoom calls we do in the Membership is recorded. My coaching sessions with people during these calls are turned into small videos (much like the ones featured in this playlist from my public Free First Thursdays calls) and put into just the right place to find later. They will rarely (and only with permission of the person featured) be put on YouTube publicly.

What does this membership actually look like inside? 

If I were you, I’d want to take a peek under the hood to see what exactly I was buying. So, here you go …

7-Min Backstage Video Tour of The Membership:

What If I Get Lost Or Overwhelmed?

If you feel totally lost still, you can always bring your question to one of the many live calls.

If you can’t make a live call, you can message myself or the community moderators (best to message them first for a faster reply).

 If you can’t make the calls or reach any of us, we’ve still got you covered with the …

Membership Guide

What is the Guide? It’s a quiz we created to that asks you simple questions to help you find the exact content you’re most needing in that moment. You could use it every, single day if you wanted to. In fact, click the button below and you can try it out right now:

Still Concerned You'll Get Lost?

We hear you. Joining a new membership, especially with this much going on can be overwhelming. So, to hold your hand, step-by-step, along the way we do two things:

What *Exactly* Do You Get For Your $100/Month?

So what do you get for you money? 

Basically, everything I have.

But, to be specific, see the list below.

PROVISO #1: Values Are Approximate. Not all of these are actually or have ever been on sale and so prices list are “this is what I would charge” if I were to sell it to the public. It’s not inconceivable that I might do so one day.

PROVISO #2: This is all subject to change. What you see in the chart below is our most recent articulation of what’s in the Membership. But the Membership keeps changing in response to the members. Items listed here may not last long if they’re not used and new (hopefully better) items will be added.

PROVISO #3: Many things are left off of this list. This Membership is in a state of flux and there are many things that have not been included on the list below because I couldn’t figure out how to price them or they might change soon. But what you see below is the bare-bones of what you’ll be getting. 


So, there’s $7120 USD a year in value. But the MfH Membership costs $1200 USD per year to participate.

What would you save from signing up for the Membership? 

Keeping in mind that the chart above is based on you coming in for a full twelve months and using everything (e.g. every live course, every DIY course) …

You’d save about $5920 USD in year one.

What It Feels Like To Be In The
MfH Membership:

Monday morning, you wake up, pour yourself a hot cup of something to drink, turn on your computer, and login into the Membership.

There might be a Community Collaboration Call where you gather together with other Members in a group of four to help each other with your issues.

Maybe you need help with that online tech issue you’ve been having for months, or maybe it’s a marketing question. 

By the end of the hour, you’ve gotten a few more options than you had before and some new directions to consider.

You post a refined version of the question in the Ask A Question thread and a community host, or a fellow participant has posted links to a few of the videos and blog posts I’ve written that are most relevant to your question. If there isn’t one, they let you know that I’ll be making one soon just for you. 

As you go over the materials you remember the content from the video of my day-long workshop you watched and the mini-courses you dug into earlier when you first joined the Membership and you realize that you’re beginning to see how it all fits together. 

You’re really starting to understand, intuitively and practically, how to market your business in a way that feels good and works.

You never thought this would be possible. 

It makes sense. 

New approaches and points of view aren’t things you can hear once and “have it.” It can take years of reminders, reinforcement, translation and application to properly “get it” and design one’s business systems around them so that your business becomes a relatively effortless embodiment of them.

You hop on the weekly call with me and some of the other members from around the world. You show up a bit early to make sure your question gets answered but are also amazed at how useful and relevant the answers to everyone’s questions are to your own business.

After the call, a fellow member shoots you a personal message to let you know they’ve got some resources for you that might help. That kind of thing seems to happen from time to time. It’s such a helpful community. Perhaps you yourself realize you have a resource that would be useful to share with another member and you send them a quick personal message.

The next day, there’s a public webinar that I’m running and you’ve always wanted to attend (which you can now attend free). 

And you’re looking forward to next month when that six-week program of mine you have most hoped to get into is finally coming around again … which is also included in your membership now. 

To Sum Up: The MfH Membership looks like a pretty awesome, supportive week, full of low-pressure marketing work, the sum of which will be ever clearer, stronger, and more honest marketing of your business over time.

The MfH Membership might be a fine fit for you if:

You are familiar with my work: If you have followed my work for a while and think, “This fellow seems to talk sense about marketing!” Maybe you have been thinking it would be nice to delve more deeply into my perspectives and see how you could apply them to your business.

You are craving community around these ideas and approaches: If you like the idea of having a place where you can gather and talk with other people drawn to the same no-pressure approaches to sales and marketing that you find in my work. Perhaps you lack a place to check in, touch base, get ideas, and be steeped in a perspective you resonate with. You know your business growth would be easier with good company, encouragement and regular touch points.

You have “entrepreneurial loneliness”: If you often feel alone in your business and have few colleagues that understand the marketing worldview I’m espousing. Trust me, your spouse is tired of hearing you talk about your business.

You are committed to growing your business and willing to put in the needed time: If you are excited and committed to the journey of building your dream business. Up until now, your business has mostly been an expensive hobby; a mysterious and beguiling project that always seems to be almost there and just about to succeed, but never seems to crest the wave.

If you are willing to approach your business as a business, and not perceive the marketplace as “wrong” for not liking your first, second, and third ideas.

Plus: you can’t seem to quit, even though it would make all the sense in the world to do so. You take (or are willing to start taking) your work seriously.

This isn’t a hobby.

It’s a business.

It’s a craft.

It’s something you’re passionate about and committed to getting better at. If you are very good at what you do and you already enjoy some solid word-of-mouth and referrals from your existing clients. If you are serious about growing your business and figuring out your niche.

You feel like something is missing: You want to have a full-time business that does well by doing good and yet feel daunted at the prospect, stuck, and know you need a kind of support you can’t even articulate yet. You know in your craw that you’re meant to do a certain work but can’t make it work – there’s always something missing that you can’t put your finger on.

You crave a simple business model: You are enamoured with the idea of growing your business, not by more and more complicated tactics, but by developing a simpler and simpler business model with more and more beautiful, compelling offers, where the word of what they do spreads through those slow and steady roads of relationship and reputation.

You want a beautiful business: You want to be unreasonably proud of your businesses and unexpectedly comfortable in your own skin. You want to approach your businesses in the way an artist approaches their craft. You want your business to fit you and be as beautiful as the most ornate, bespoke, and ceremonial regalia bearing the thumbprint of your time and place.

You see room for growth: When you look at your business you see enough potential to justify the expense of this membership.

You are willing to spend an hour a week supporting others in the group: You know, five minutes here. Five minutes there. Ten minutes a day would more than do it. This won’t be enforced at all, but I’d like this program to be filled with the kinds of people who will naturally want to support one another and grow together.

You would love access to all of my eBooks, courses, live programs and group coaching: That’s right, I have created a living library that includes hundreds of blogs and videos lessons, my eBook collection, online courses, all my live programs and regular group coaching sessions, and I put them all in one place. Anything new I create will go here and also be accessible to you for free.

You are willing to actively commit for three months: I can’t promise you results in 30 days. But, in three months, you should know whether or not my Membership and my approach are a fit for you. Give me three months where you actively engage in the material and show up to the calls. Use what’s on offer. Of course, you’re welcome to stop at any time. But I ask you to give it your all. Give it three months. If you’re not sure enough about me and my approach to commit to this, don’t sign up.

You are willing to be a human being with me: I’m a human being. I’m going to mess up. Things will slip through the cracks. If you’re the kind of person who has a chill vibe and is willing to share your experience and ask for clarity and support before ending relationships, we will get along fine. I’m not a faceless corporation. If something isn’t working for you, I need and want you to let me know and give me the chance to make it right. If you’re that kind of person, this is going to work out beautifully

The MfH Membership may not be a fit for you if:

You need instant results. If you want to get from nothing to six-figures in six-months, look elsewhere. If you’ve got a workshop you need to sell out next month, this is not the program you need, although there is likely some great content in here that could help you improve your results quickly.

You don’t have the space or time to engage in this. This is not a self working machine. You don’t just pay $100 USD/month and things magically start working. This takes time and effort. It’s a new platform. It’ll take time to figure it out. There will be new things and new language to learn.

How much time do you need to put in to make the most of this? Of course, there’s no proper answer to it. It depends on how familiar you already are with my work, how many of my courses you’ve already done, videos you’ve watched and blog posts you’ve read.

But I’ll suggest this, if you can’t spend twenty-five minutes a day or three hours a week on this, why bother?

How will you get $100/worth of value from it without even investing enough time to finish listening to a decent podcast. Change requires not just reading but writing, not just learning but doing, not just apprehending but application. And … That. Takes. Time.

One hour a week is just enough time to listen to maybe ten of my videos or to do one part of an online course, or to attend the weekly call. One hour a week will not give you much more progress than you have. One hour per week will not give you momentum. It won’t interrupt the patterns that need to be interrupted.

Consider three hours per week the rock bottom, bare minimum.

If you’re expecting a new child, your parents are needing your care, you have some other major projects looming etc. the time is not going to magically appear. Unless you have a plan to carve out the time, it might be better to wait a few months.

$100 USD per month is a lot to spend on something you’re not using.

You’re expecting 1:1 coaching or handholding. This Membership doesn’t run like that. I’m present in the group on a daily basis (except weekends). I’ll do my best to answer specific questions when I can. But this is not an individual coaching program. If that’s the kind of support you’re needing from me, you could also book some Puttering Sessions (a type of coaching session I offer). Or you could find another coach who does that.

You have a habit of signing up for these things and not using them. Why spend $100 USD per month on something you’ll never use?

You’re a fundamentalist of any persuasion. If you are proudly dogmatic about your food choices, black and white on religion, strident in your politics, have clear cut definitions of what is right and wrong, have no issues with cancel culture and shaming or shunning as a first resort to deal with people whose opinions you take issue with, then we are not a fit.

You’re overly punctilious. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that there are certain personality types that are not a fit. I run a business called Marketing for Hippies. I talk about Slow Marketing. I am a hippie. I do quality work but it’s not always perfect the first time out of the gates. What I offer in affordability sometimes comes with a certain level of technical glitch from time to time. My vibe is chill. We get there eventually. I’m not a multimillion dollar company (and even they have their glitches). Some people can’t deal with that.

Mistakes will be made. I will mess up from time to time. Expect it. But you can also count on the fact that I do my level best to make good on my blunders, and we’re always learning and growing from the inevitable hiccups along the way.

If you are blind or visually impaired. You’re welcome to join but honestly the Membership it isn’t yet set up as well as it could be for you. As of June 2nd, 2021, we got this message from Mighty Networks (the host of our network): “The Mighty Networks iOS apps work well with VoiceOver. Android devices typically have a built-in TTS engine that reads the text that it can find on the screen. We do not currently have web screen readers, however, and Closed Captioning is not offered, so we recommend adding subtitles or transcript downloads for videos. We also recommend you add text with your photos for any content you publish. We are also working on improving the alt-text to improve that experience for Members soon.” We are getting better at making sure there are closed captions for our videos. 

So we’re still working this out. Feel free to email us and ask where things are at in this regard.

Three More Practical, Business-Building Things You’ll Get Access To If You Join The MfH Membership:

THING#1 – Prioritized Responses: Can you get my attention by commenting on my blog or Youtube? Yes, maybe. But I prioritize my responses to Members within the Membership platform over my public platforms. Feel free to DM me any time. 

THING#2 – First Dibs On Any New Stuff I Make: As I grow my body of work, experiment with new ideas and offer new courses, books or programs, you’ll be the first to be invited … and these things will almost always be included in your Membership.

THING#3 – First Dibs on Puttering Sessions: This was mentioned in the chart above. Every month, I offer up about a dozen chances to work with me 1:1, which I call the Puttering Sessions. They always sell out (often quickly). But, if you’re in the Membership, you’ll get notified before anyone else (even before the advanced notice list). Plus you also get $50 USD off each session.

Want Personal Feedback?
Here Are Three Ways You Can Get It:

Way #1: You Can Ask Me Directly Live Calls. Wondering what materials you should check out next? Don’t spend hours searching for that needle in the haystack? Just come to a live call and ask me. 

Way #2: Access To An “Ask For Help” Section. Here’s a place you can post your questions and get feedback from myself and the other members 24/7.

Way #3: Help From Your Community Host. You’ll have access to a community host who will help cheer you on and make sure you never get stuck, lost, frustrated, or confused about how to use the MFH Membership platform.

Okay … That’s A Lot of “Stuff.” But How Will This Actually Help Me?

A lot of content doesn’t mean much. It can just be overwhelming. So, here’s our commitment to you: If you really engage in the material, by participating in this Membership you will:

  • Become grounded in the basics of my perspective on marketing. As time goes on, they will become fully integrated in how you operate your business.
  • Enjoy ongoing improvements. You’re going to have access to a program and community that will only get better and better and have more content, context, and support added.
  • Savour a chance to work in a distraction free environment. This is not a Facebook group where there are constant notifications going off all the time.
  • Be able to come and go as you needAsk for help when you need it, join a program when it’s relevant, read an eBook when you have time.
  • Have access to a very user friendly phone appYou’ll be able to view the MFH Membership and go through my courses right from the phone app so you can dip into things on the train, while sitting in a park, or at a restaurant while waiting for your table.
  • Enjoy an exclusive, intimate space. No tire kickers here. No more Facebook groups with very little engagement or engagement from people who aren’t engaged in doing the work. By virtue of signing up for a Membership like this, people have a little more skin in the game. They are also likely to be fairly steeped in this content already and won’t give you questionable advice from other schools of thought in marketing.
  • Find all of my things in this one placeI am slowly moving the full archive of my blogs and YouTube videos onto the MFH Membership so you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for in one place.

All of this may bring up some important questions for you …


FAQ: “What time are the weekly calls likely to be? I work better with live calls, I rarely get around to recordings.”

ANSWER: I’m much the same myself. The weekly calls are at 12pm PST every Friday. Most Fridays. I’ll have to miss some. You’ll miss some too. But I’ll be there most weeks. Also – during the six week programs, you’ll get two live, 90-minute calls for the first six Tuesdays of the Semester. 

What’s my coaching style?

Here are a few excerpts from the calls (shared with the permission of the people being coached) to give you a taste. 

You can find a lot more examples in my public Free First Thursday call recordings. If you’d like to try a live call for free, I lead one once a month for the public. You can learn more and RSVP here.

FAQ: “How much time will you be spending in the Membership Program yourself, Tad?”

ANSWER: I spend about about 30-60 minutes a day, five days a week on average. I have a community host who lets me know what things I should be responding to. I won’t be reading every comment. They will respond to everything they can and I’ll handle the rest. My goal for all of us is to spend as little time in the Membership as we can muster. I’d love this to be such a well organized resource that you can go in, get what you need and get out. None of us need any more screen time.

FAQ: “How do I know the content you have in this membership will be relevant to me and where I am right now?”

ANSWER: Find out for yourself here

FAQ: “How will information in the membership not overwhelm and instead support with accountability, motivation and inspiration?”

ANSWER: A fine question. Let’s take these a piece at a time:

OVERWHELM: All of the content has been fed into the Membership Guide  a series of questions to lead you to the content you most need right now. All of the content is divided into twelve collections with the content sequenced in the most logical order. The year is divided into four semesters. Every day of the week (M-F) has a live support call for you to attend. Each week you have at least one live call with me (sometimes three). Our Membership Host is there to direct you to the resources you need. You get advance notice on and discounts for one on one coaching with me. And you can DM me anytime. We’ll do everything we can to help you find what you need quickly. 

ACCOUNTABILITY: That will likely be very low here in this program. You’re welcome to find your own accountability buddies in this and to ask for that support from the community facilitators. But there will be too many people in this program for me to keep track of with the Zoom calls and 30-minutes a day checking into the group.

MOTIVATION: That is not something I plan to help you with. This Membership Program is not for unmotivated people.

INSPIRATION: In some ways, this is similar to motivation but I will say this … being in a community of dozens of other like minded entrepreneurs will likely be inspiring. As will our weekly calls.

FAQ: “What is the account cancellation policy?”

ANSWER: You can cancel your subscription at any time!

PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide pro-rated refunds except in extenuating circumstances.

Your Seven-Day Free Trial

Do I think this Membership is great? I do. 

But, of course I’d say that. 

It’s my program. 

I’d like to give you chance to check it out for yourself with no pressure to continue at all. You can sign up and poke around for a week to see if you really like it or not. 

Now, could you join for a week, come in and download all my eBooks and then leave? 

You could. 

I’m trusting you won’t. 

And I think that, if you join for the seven days, you might just fall in love with it and want to stay for a while. At the end of the seven days, if it’s not a fit, you can cancel your membership and there are no hard feelings at all. If you stick around, it’s just month to month with no need to commit further. 

If you don’t, your card will be charged automatically and your paid membership will officially begin.

That’s all. If you have any questions, please email us at We’d love to see you around the digital campfire of the Marketing for Hippies Membership.

Stay human,


PS: Does this all feel like more than you need? All good. Here are some free or low cost, risk and commitment ways to dig in:

Membership - Maria Bourke

"There were four BIG UNEXPECTED wins for me."

“I started following Tad, slowly at first, following his talk at Mark Walsh’s online Conscious Marketing Event in Summer 2020. I was just planning to systematically work through Tad’s extensive library of videos, not knowing where to start, when the Marketing for Hippies Membership was announced. It was perfect timing. An answer to prayer! Honestly, like everyone else, I had no idea what to expect. There were four BIG UNEXPECTED wins for me.

Win #1: The amazing group of people who have signed up with a generous heart ready to share and support others without a sense of competition, so I’ve already made several new Soul-friends since I started to connect with the group, in the last three weeks. There is also a feeling of belonging here, a sense of homecoming. I’ve nicknamed it the Hippy Colony!

Win #2: There’s NO pressure. Go at your own pace. BUT there’s help available if you need it!

Win #3: The depth of learning from attending LIVE events like Linda Katz Case Study, Community Collaboration sessions and The Meantime.

Win #4: My BIGGEST unexpected win is knowing that there are REAL LIVE PEOPLE ‘here’ ( feels like a place!) who are actually using SLOW MARKETING to create SUSTAINABLE PROFITABLE ‘Good for the World’ businesses. The fact these role models exist is a HUGE relief and blessing. I feel I’m experiencing a paradigm shift by osmosis just by being here! Furthermore, if these role models are our mirrors, then the fact that I am part of this group signifies I am getting close to achieving what for a long time I feared was impossible – to successfully promote and market myself authentically and honestly, fully aligned with my truth and the integrity I strive to bring to all I do.”

Maria Bourke, Life Coach/Spiritual Healer Author,

Membership - Rhawn Morgan

"Tad's membership program is a virtual forest of courses."

“Tad’s membership program is a virtual forest of courses, articles, tools and techniques on clarifying your niche and marketing for people passionate about doing what they can to make the world a better place without bullshit, hard sell or convincing. Fortunately in this forest there are some pretty good guides!”

Rhawn Morgan, Ritualist

Membership - Natalie Forrest

"I've been following Tad for almost two decades."

“I’ve been following Tad for almost two decades, attended a few events and one puttering session. I knew I needed more help with my ‘stuff’ as my understanding and offers keep evolving; so when the membership came up, I was so excited. Almost all the Tad stuffs in one place. YAY! I don’t even think I read the sales letter fully – just jumped right in. Knowing Tad’s work for so long and seeing his integrity and value over the years just grow and get better, it was a no brainer for me. Working with Tad is fabulous but what’s even more amazing are the people he brings together.”

Natalie Forrest, Yoga Applied EcoPsychology,,

"Tad’s membership programme is so rich and luscious and full with information and resources"

“Tad’s membership programme is so rich and luscious and full with information and resources, and at the same time a safe community place, where everyone shows up with honesty and integrity. Tad has an incredible ability to listen and really hear, to look and really see, he is a fountain of knowledge and experience which he shares so generously, he tells bad jokes that make you laugh, and in a seemingly effortless way supports you on your journey. And he is also just an all-round good person really. In only 2 months, without even realising, I have learnt so much and my approach to my marketing has taken a 180 degree turn. Every day I now look forward to investing time and energy into the development of my business. Thank you!”

Katrin Heuser, Yoga and Therapist

"Tad’s genuine and practical marketing genius can help conscious business owners with big hearts to increase their potential for positive impact."

“I jumped into this membership after having only seen one of Tad’s video because it just felt right. And when I started diving into the comprehensive material and heard Tad say something I’ve felt (and taught) for a while – that sales are NOT about convincing anyone of anything, but about seeing if people are fit for our work – I knew I was in the right place. I’ve struggled to find experts to work with in my business who have the flow, authenticity, non-pushy and genuine heart-centered approach that works for me. But the choice isn’t between marketing tactics that feel shit or lack of success. I don’t think that we need to sacrifice success in order to either stick to our values or have a deep positive impact. In fact, I think it’s the opposite. And I also think that Tad’s genuine and practical marketing genius can help conscious business owners with big hearts to increase their potential for positive impact. Because everyone wins from that..”

Medha Murtagh,

"Weeks into the membership, I am expanding how I view my work and the service I provide."

“My intention for joining the membership was to learn more from Tad after years of following his work in social media. My deepest wish was this can help me be aligned with my offerings and how I can show up authentically. Weeks into the membership, I am not only expanding how I view my work and the service I provide, I am also celebrating being with inspiring people who are also bringing out amazing things in the world. What I am loving are the engagement and depth of conversations, the willingness of people to be vulnerable in asking support, the generosity of the members in giving insightful feedbacks, and the energy is so nurturing!”

Lana Jelenjev, Community Alchemist

“My business feels more grounded and although that has resulted in more income”

“My impression of Tad landed when I saw pictures of him.  I loved how he owned his hippie-ness in the way that he dressed and looked.  That, combined with his clarity about marketing, what it means for him and his ability to speak simply and clearly made it clear to me that how he worked aligns with how I wished to show up.  At first, I hesitated, because I have a tendency to pay for things and then abdicate my responsibility to engage in what I am buying.  I use my intuition to make decisions and my intuition guided me to follow Tad via his newsletter/YouTube, etc.  When his Membership offering showed up, that resonated as a way to engage that works for me.  

I tiptoed into my engagement with Tad.  Each video and each newsletter just confirmed that his approach resonated for me.  I have a very low-key approach to marketing and I want to continue to create a business that I love and that sustains me financially, emotionally and energetically.  I want to make an impact without losing my joy for life–that is a knife edge for me.  If I lose my joy, then I tip over into depression. Tad presents marketing as a way to share your gifts and talents.  It is about being authentically you.  I particularly like his take on POV marketing.  

Tad’s approach to niching and its unfolding is great as well. In the Membership, my progress reports have been really useful for me to stay engaged and directional.  My business feels more grounded and although that has resulted in more income, it is more a sense of knowing there is place to go and a structure that can keep me on track. I have a degree in marketing and have always had a positive relationship with marketing.  

What I love about the Membership is the ‘easy Tiger’ slow marketing approach.  It reminds me that I can breathe my way into the world. I started my latest business in my 50s.  I think at this stage that I learn from every experience.  

In my experience, knowing about tools and processes is great, but heart-led guidance is what works.  I don’t think that people who ‘sell process’ or ‘the way’ intentionally burn people–that is just where they are, and to be honest, I feel compassion for them.  They are often people who believe ‘hard work’ is part of the formula.”

Anne K Scott,

"I am loving it!"

“I have followed Tad for almost 9 years and mostly just watched a few videos, read a few blogs, read his newsletter, seen FB posts. I have grown to really respect him and what he does, and to trust him. So when he offered the chance to join a membership program I thought about it and decided, yes, it is worth it. And I am loving it! [an aside:apart from the tech glitches and the learning curve of the site].

I love the community I am finding, the information being shared, and finally being able to afford Tad’s books and courses! My understanding of how to have a sustainable business is growing and I am clarifying what my business is. Tad’s approach fits me so well. And he has a wry sense of humor which just delights me! My joining at this time demonstrates what he says about there being the right time for an offer to land.”

Iris Weaver, NatureBased Soul Healing Guide,

"I’m extremely happy with my decision to take the leap and join Tad’s Membership Community"

“Tad and his team are great! Their attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot and make good on the inevitable startup pains of the platform and their willingness to incorporate feedback from us has made my first month here both productive and very enjoyable.

The community support and feedback on tasks when I ask has also been wonderful. It seems everyone here is familiar even though we’ve never met before. I am looking forward to the synergies that are starting to emerge as we all support each other in achieving our goals of entrepreneurial success and freedom.”

Dr Doug Tataryn, Life Coach and Therapist,

"Within a month of joining I now have that clarity"

“My experience in Tad’s membership so far has been highly positive. I joined to get some more feedback on my niche and my next approaches to connect with those ideals clients. I’ve been close, SO close for what seems like ages on a really great fitting niche. Within a month of joining I now have that clarity. Between a bit of personal attention and questions from Tad, and some great group discussions and collaborations, I got exactly what I needed for that last step in my niche clarity.”

Wil Carlos,

"So worth the investment and then some"

“If you are not part of this membership, you are missing out. It is so worth the investment and then some. I can now to get access to all Tad’s amazing eBooks and join any of the courses, teleseminars and workshops. The community calls and feedback and conversations have been amazing and I have already had 2 enquiries for work. There is also a wealth of blogs and video content around different topics … all in one place.

On top of that I get to hang out with an amazing group of people with the same values and ethics of bringing about positive change in the world and supporting each other to grow our businesses. Even if you are a business veteran and doing well, there is always so much more to share and learn.”

Karen Black, Web Designer,

"Within a matter of days..."

“What a privilege to be included in this the membership and on this platform. I was relatively new to Tad and the Marketing for Hippies community when I came across the membership but could immediately see the value in what was on offer. I have been intimidated and struggling for YEARS with even knowing where to start with a marketing plan, to the point that I was almost paralyzed and going in circles.

Within a matter of days I was surrounded by the most incredible and supportive community of ethically minded entrepreneurs and had access to every imaginable self-paced resource geared toward facilitating my success. Tad’s entire network of support staff are genuine and truly invested in providing a phenomenal experience, always going above and beyond to ensure that we’re having the experience we were promised.

AND the absolute icing on the cake is that IT ACTUALLY WORKS! By simply following the steps, listening and putting myself out there I already have more quality clients than I know what to do with, and that’s a really good problem to have!”

Laurena Brittain, Relationship Coach,

"I’ve got far more out of the Marketing for Hippies membership than I expected."

“The breadth of Tad’s learning materials is truly impressive, with topics ranging from niche to business model and pricing as well as the pure nuts and bolts of marketing. There is a consistently high quality of thinking behind the courses and content here. It is so wonderful (and such a relief!) to come across resources like this, designed for someone like me, who sees business in the way I do. The access to learning along with the generous support from like minded entrepreneurs has helped me focus on developing my business and marketing in a way I haven’t managed before. I am very glad I signed up!”

Danielle Styles, Copywriting Coach

"If you have been sitting on the sidelines..."

“If you have been sitting on the sidelines of the Tad hippie festival for awhile now ~ watching his videos, reading his blog, and resonating with his words, then I encourage you to step in from the fringe and into the party! When you do, you will have access to everything under the Tad tent. All located in one convenient place and supported by his great team, in an easy to use platform. Plus, you get to hang out with us great folks who speak the same marketing language and know exactly what you are going though.”

Dianna Graves

"In just a few weeks..."

“In just a few weeks of diving in the courses and attending the calls, I’ve achieved more clarity than ever on my niche and the different elements of my marketing. Tad has a simple and clear way of presenting these topics, and creating immediate action. Cherry on the cake, his humour and relaxed attitude makes it enjoyable to talk about marketing… Who would have thought! ?

I’m glad I joined the membership, it has turned something that felt complex and boring to me, into a creative and generous practice. And something I love about this membership, is a very special energy I never experienced in any other online community. Tad has experience in non-violent communication, and that shows in the quality of interaction during the calls, but also in general in the online portal.”

Claire Wild,

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