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Farmers Market Marketing Series #3: Five Solid Ideas for Online Marketing

There are two main ideas, outside of thoughts on social media (which are coming next in this series) that could make the biggest long term difference for you and your farm. IDEA #1: Be Googleable. If you have something you’re offering that people are searching for online, make sure that they can find you. Bottom line, have a …

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Save The Bros

This ad is amazing. Save the bros. Before it’s too late.   [vsw id=”ewBG_jmMI40″ source=”youtube” width=”625″ height=”544″ autoplay=”no”]

Mini Case Study: The Food Garage

One of my colleagues, the excellent Rene Michalak of Red Deer, Alberta, was creating a project called the MEGGA Watt project. From that name you, like I, might assume it was some alternative energy project. He was putting tonnes of stuff out about it on social media but I never really ‘got it’. I liked …

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cartoon bears educate you about sugar

Such a great example of using social media, animation and video to market for social change.  Wow. That song is really catchy.   [vsw id=”myxwCEGcBYc” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

obama’s ad makes his case

President Obama recently released an ad (you can watch it at the bottom) I thought was worth commenting on – all politics aside. First of all, it reminds me how far the world has come that now video marketing and social media has become so ubiquitous in both politics and business. Here’s where I think …

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if i had to start again

I just saw this video from my colleague Nancy Juetten. She’s someone I’ve featured on my blog a number of times, especially around writing your bio. I wanted to share it because I think it’s a great example of a few things . . . First of all, it’s a super cool format – having …

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sacred economics

Charles Eisenstein has written one of the most beautiful and honest books on economics that I’ve ever come across. I’ve rarely heard a take on money and economics that I resonate with more strongly. It’s so deeply in line with my pay what you can philosophy. I first came across him on a video he …

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