Samarya Center: Unfold

An amazing community centered yoga center in Seattle that decided to buck the system and do it all differently.


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About Tad

  • Karen

    I’m a massage therapist and trainee hypno-psychotherapist who’s been really struggling with setting up in business for a lot of reasons.

    Taking yoga classes has been really helpful to me in getting my health back on track.

    Reading your website has helped me begin to identify my niche.

    Last night, I dreamed that I ran a business combining yoga, hypnotherapy-massage, counselling and coaching for people with a history of body image and chronic health issues wanting to make sustainable changes in their lives that promote and support their health, foster real acceptance of their bodies, and start freeing themselves from the idea that they have to make themselves fit into a particular way of doing things even if it keeps them ill, sad, angry and unfulfilled.

    And then this was the first video I saw today.