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tad in vancouver and victoria

I am sitting by the window at Finch’s Tea House and Cafe in Vancouver enjoying a cup of mint tea. I think it must be one of the most charming cafes in the world. It’s all original hardwoods, high ceilings and the menu written on chalk boards. Everything made fresh. I could spend all day …

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guerilla gift giving

Last weekend, I did something that felt wonderful. I gathered some of my favourite people and we went out and gave gifts to strangers on Whyte Ave in Edmonton. I thought you might want to try the same kind of thing so I thought I’d share what we did and what we learned. Why did …

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I am in Thailand. And this post has nothing to do about marketing. It has to do with how much our love matters in the world. And how much it is missed when it is gone. Her name was Kylen. I met her through some community events in Edmonton. She had the most radiant spirit. …

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tad’s fall 2011 tour begins friday (plus a movie premiere! and a hotbox! and thailand!)

Well, it’s finally come. Tour time! So, over the next six weeks you won’t be hearing as much from me as you normally do. Friday morning, at 8am, I leave to go to a five day retreat based on the work of Byron Katie (very excited! is that true? yes.) Then it’s off to Winnipeg …

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the journey

I’ve just woken up in Kelowna at the International Hostel (that’s me in my room to the right). It’s pretty great. And the other hostelers here have my gratitude for ending their Beer Pong competition at 11pm. I’m here because I’m leading my Marketing 101 for Holistic Practitioners workshop and last night was the first …

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