My Philosophy: Why Marketing Matters

With the situation so dire in the world – we need successful alternatives like never before. More and more people want to create healthy and sustainable lives and are desperate for alternatives (that’s you!).

But this means not only creating the alternatives – it means telling the world about them. It means presenting the real value of what you do in an attractive, competent and compelling manner. It means spreading the word. It means getting people to try them out.

In a word – marketing.

In the video below, I offer up five reasons why I think marketing matters (beyond it making you more money which it likely will).

If you want to get a good overall sense of my core approach to and understanding of marketing without joining my email list or opting into anything, the videos below would be a fine starting point:

More videos on how to make marketing feel good

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Audio versions on how to make marketing feel good

But, I want to give you a bit more detail on how I see this all and the four core steps I see that most entrepreneurs need to go through to achieve longlasting, sustainable results.

“The Local Living Economies Movement is about: Maximizing relationships, not maximizing profits, Broad-based ownership and democracy, not concentrated wealth and power, Sharing, not hoarding, Life serving, not self-serving, Partnership, not domination, Cooperation based, not competition based, Win-win exchange, not win-loose exploitation, Creativity, not conformity, A living return, not the highest return, A living wage, not the minimum wage, A fair price, not the lowest price, “Being more, not having more”, Interconnectedness, not separation, Inclusion, not exclusiveness, Community and collective joy, not isolation and unhapppiness, Cultural diversity, not monoculture, Bio-diversity, not mono-crops, Family farms, not factory farms, Slow food, not fast food, Our bucks, not Starbucks, Our mart, not Wal-Mart, a Love of life, not love of money.”

Judy Wicks, Founder, The White Dog Cafe

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