Welcome to Your Puttering Prep Pack

If you’re reading this, then you’ve signed up for a Puttering Session (or you’re thinking about doing it).

If you have then you and I will soon speak for about an hour and riff on ideas for your business.

This prep work, which is totally voluntary, is to help you get the most from your session (or to prepare for a session you might, one day, book).

Why did I make this Puttering Prep Pack?

I would say that 95% of my Puttering Sessions end up being about helping people clarify their niche.  And, in 80% of those conversations, I ask people to do the same exercises. 

So, I thought I would offer you up those exact exercises before our session together so you have the option of showing up with that work already done so we can focus on me giving my feedback on it rather than you doing it. And, if you never book a session, then you’ll be getting my very best niching exercises for free. 

More bang for your buck.

Stay human,


p.s. Just go through the exercises below, from left to right. Dive as deep as you are able before our session together. If you don’t get to it before the call, no worries. It will help you to integrate the homework after.

My free gift to you for signing up for your Puttering Session: my Niching Fears eBook. Many people have told me this eBook was deeply comforting and soothing to them (even when niching seemed impossible and terrifying).

Want To Get Ongoing Support?

If your Puttering Session was useful and you’d like to delve more deeply into my work and be in touch with me and like-minded entrepreneurs on a more regular basis, I hope you might consider checking out my Membership Program.

At the Pro Level, you’ll get $25 discounts on any future Puttering Sessions, get all of my eBooks for free plus weekly, group coaching calls with me (plus a lot more).

If you have any questions about it after checking out the write up on it, please just drop us an email and we’ll do our best to answer your questions. 

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