Save The Bros

This ad is amazing. Save the bros. Before it’s too late.  

Funny Video: Just Add Natural

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 4.07.27 PMNatural doesn’t always mean natural.

This mockumentary by Only Organic gives you a little heads up on what and what isn’t organic.

Brilliant take on the rampant greenwashing of our food and lack of ethics used in food marketing. 

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33 Honest, Hilarious (and absolutely unauthorized) Ads for Major Companies

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Funny Video: Tips to Ace Your Next Job Interview

Here’s a video from my other life of improv comedy that we filmed last year with Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton and it’s finally come out.

Funny and useful! Tips to ace your next job interview!

I said ‘Hippie’


Happie or Hippie?

It’s kind of the same thing . . .

caged hens in your bus stop

The Coop grocery chain put out a great ad at bus stops that educated it’s customers (and prospective customers) that it was doing a good thing. And it did it in a funny (but poignant) way that helped people relate to why they were doing it.

I think a great indirect consequence of this kind of ad is that it’s not only the kind of thing people will share on social media because it’s so simple and clever but it also raises the bar for what people expect from any grocery store.

After seeing this ad a few times, people might be a bit more likely to ask their own grocer if their eggs are from caged hens.

think hippie thoughts

somebody get me a drum

do you want to agree with a hippie?