Be a Flower, Not a Butterfly Net

  I hosted a men’s circle earlier this year and a young man said something brilliant: be a flower, not a butterfly net. It reminds me of something I heard colleagues say for years: be a lighthouse, not a searchlight. Butterflies run away from nets. People run away from searchlights. Of course, it’s dangerous to […]

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Be More Repulsive In Your Marketing

    A simple, counter-intuitive idea for you today. You’ve likely been told the importance of niche in marketing. Likely you’ve heard this from myself. You’ve likely heard about the importance of honing in on who you want to reach, to identify your ideal client, chosen audience or target market and maybe even to create

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Get Rejected Faster

So many people are scared of getting rejected in business. I get it. But the fear of rejection comes from the idea that there’s a way to move through this world without being rejected which isn’t true. What’s really going on in those cases is that the people have figured out only how to delay

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I want to share something that might forever change the way you relate to marketing. It’s a notion I got from Mark Manson in the context of dating but I think it maps over perfectly into marketing. There are only three types of potential clients you will ever experience: responsive, neutral and unresponsive. Responsive people

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