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Most artists are broke. And if you’re a broke and struggling artist  (or know one) I’ve found something wonderful for you. But, before I get to that, let me back up . . . Over the years, I have come to fall deeper and deeper in love with art. And beauty. When I first began

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Love Letter Marketing Lessons

A few months back I met a lady named Chris Kay Fraser. She was working on a project that I thought was pretty amazing and I blogged about it (click here to read it). Once it was done, I asked her some questions about the contest from the business and marketing side. What she did

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jewelry marketing genius

A few months back, when I was in Toronto, I met a woman named Jane Dallin (pictured right) who sold jewelry. The more we spoke the more impressed I was with her marketing street smarts and hustle. Somehow, it came out, she’d managed to get the hosts of MTV’s shows to be wearing her stuff.

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Live Performing Arts vs. The Internet

Here’s a marketing challenge: why should people pay for live theatre when they can just surf the internet for hours? Arts administrator and live-theater fan Ben Cameron looks at the state of the live arts — asking: How can the magic of live theater, live music, live dance compete with the always-on Internet? At TEDxYYC,

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