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I’m sitting here in the Minneapolis Airport on my way to New York tonite.

And I get an email from my new friend and colleague Joe Noonan. He’s cc’d his friend Lauren to introduce us. He says,

I don’t know if Tad is coming to NYC to give a talk or workshop, but if he is, I encourage you to go and make a connection. The distinction between strategies of the old and new economies will inspire you.

Hilarious. I love it when this happens.

And Lauren’s business is a great example of a yoga business focusing on a niche marketing in action. If you live in Los Angeles or New York and know of some parents who’d like to see their kids get into this kind of positive and fun environment, I’d go check out their website now – http://www.yogibeans.com

Their website says . . .

Yogi Beans is a yoga-for-kids’ experience designed to help children develop better body awareness, coordination, flexibility and enhance self-confidence. Yoga is a wonderful way to introduce a physical activity that is both noncompetitive and nonjudgmental.

Through the physical movements, children are introduced to yoga’s true meaning: union, expression and honor for oneself.  In addition to the physical poses, we explore the spirit of yoga where the significance of positive thinking and the maintenance of a healthy positive self-image are emphasized.  Sprinkled with music, picture books and other age-appropriate props, children are introduced to the world of yoga and inspired to awaken their inner yogi and yogini!

I think my favourite bit was their point of view on the core elements of this work. If I had kids I would want all four of these things for my kids . . .

The Elements of Yogi Beans

  • Non-competitive physical exercise
  • Focus and concentration
  • Stillness and relaxation
  • Fun and playful class spirit!


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