Tad's Team of Helping Hippies

Susan Kendal:

Core Administrator

Hello! I’m Susan, Tad Hargrave’s assistant here at Marketing for Hippies since 2014. I have a long history as an arts/hippy administrator and I do love a good spreadsheet! I worked for 15 years as an independent contemporary dancer, choreographer, and costume designer in Toronto. During that time I had a parallel career as Managing Editor of The Dance Current magazine. My costume work evolved into a passion for textile art, and that’s my current artistic focus: stitching, felting, weaving, shaping natural fibres into things both flat and three-dimensional, literal and abstract.

You can email Susan at: admin@marketingforhippies.com

Natt Forrest:

Marketing Administrator

I love yummy food, connecting with Nature, and having great conversations; those are the things that feed my soul.   I completed my Ph.D. in Applied EcoPsychology in 2017 but have been weaving together my love of Yoga and Nature Connect for over 20 years with EcoYogaTherapyTM. 

I’m ecstatic to be part of the MfH community and working with the MfH team.

You can email Natt at: marketing@marketingforhippies.com 

Sarah Sea Clarke:

Membership Coordinator

I am an Artist who works with movement, film and facilitation and love exploring connections between the inner and outer realms. I draw on the felt sense of the bodymind to guide movement within the individual and the collective.

My ancestors originate from the British Isles and I have lived / worked internationally since 2008. My background is in humanitarian filmmaking, I am certified by the Work That Reconnects Network (USA), trained as a Movement Pedagog by the The Holistic Dance Institute (Austria) and have a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree from Sussex University (UK).

Currently it’s about the weave. My biggest wound led me to my niche ‘the Holistic Humanitarian’ …and that’s what I am birthing this year.

You can email Sarah at: membership@marketingforhippies.com 

Rhya Merrell:

Social Media Coordinator

Hello, my name is Rhya! I’m happy and proud to be a part of the MFH team as the Social Media Coordinator. You know those posts you see from Marketing for Hippies in your feed and in stories? That’s where I come in. It’s been a joy to be able to bring Tad’s ideas, teachings, and thoughts to life for so many to see and who we hope get a great benefit from them. Besides social media, I’m also a practicing Astrologer. In my free time, I love being active, outside, cooking, writing, and learning new things or deepening what I’m already introduced to (just to name a few things). Thank you for stopping by and checking out the team behind Marketing for Hippies!

You can reach Rhya on Instagram or via email:


Betty Cottam Bertels:

Facebook Group Coordinator

Hi, I’m Betty! Vajrayana Buddhist, Blues Vocalist, former global cycle adventurer & dance-floor demon, and (more latterly) West Wales Waldorf mum of two. I delight in guiding women in business to identify & remove the subconscious blocks to creating the life & biz of their wildest dreams; so that they can reach the pinnacle of their potential, get seriously happy & change the goddamn world already ♥️ Nothing makes me happier than hearing people’s stories I can’t wait to meet you & hear yours LOVE Betty x

Betty can be found on the Facebook group or via email:


Amber Beckett:

Member-Led Call Coordinator

Facilitation is one of my favourite things, ever. I love anything that creates a sense of belonging and builds collective wisdom.

(I’m particularly well-versed in game theory, adult education, and human
connection. My flavour of nerdiness is words+games+science!).

I’m always excited to share my own unique style of hosting, either by leading a session myself or supporting others in becoming better facilitators.

Outside of work hours, I’m probably dancing bachata, playing
co-operative word games (like Just One), reading sci-fi, or eating ice
cream in unusual flavours (like charcoal, lobster, or soy sauce).

You can reach out to Amber on the Mighty Networks Membership.

Keenan Kotylak:

Post Production

I do some of the background work for MfH!

Most of the raw recorded zoom calls are used as content to further the giant library of coaching that is MfH. I review the recordings, then cut them up and organize them as videos in the membership.

Editing, filing, and posting all the calls is the good majority of my work. If you’re ever looking for something specific that Tad has helped you with, chances are I could help you find it!

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