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Tad's Team of Helping Hippies

Monica Paredes:

Core Administrator

I’m Monica Paredes, an integrative astrologer specializing in guiding soul-aligned entrepreneurs. At Ritual Resonance, I blend science, technology, and metaphysics for a holistic decision-making approach. With 20+ years in brand strategy and experience founding and exiting software companies, I advise global tech startups entering U.S. markets. My regenerative venture studio, Equanimity Labs, supports startups focusing on mental health and environmental sustainability. My methodologies encompass astrology, Human Design, Kripalu Yoga, Gene Keys, herbalism, somatic sound, and more. Based in Austin, TX, I divide my time, in Ann Arbor with my son Gabe, currently a freshman at the University of Michigan.

You can email Monica at: admin@marketingforhippies.com

Natt Forrest:

Marketing Coordinator & Production

I love yummy food, connecting with Nature, and having great conversations; those are the things that feed my soul.   I completed my Ph.D. in Applied EcoPsychology in 2017 but have been weaving together my love of Yoga and Nature Connect for over 20 years with EcoYogaTherapyTM. 

I’m ecstatic to be part of the MfH community and working with the MfH team.

You can email Natt at: marketing@marketingforhippies.com 

Nisanka Wickramarachchi:

Membership Coordinator

Ayubowan! (That’s Hello in my native language; Sinhala). I am Nisanka from Sri Lanka  but made my happy home in the UK. 
I have in Tad’s community since the beginning of 2022 and I am grateful for the support and guidance I have got to find my niche and run a business that I feel truly proud of. 
I help parents who parent with narcissistic partners or ex partners to preserve sanity and get their life back. Apart from my love for Holistic approaches, I also love dancing, cooking, Bollywood music and reading. 

Sarah Sea Clarke:

Membership Content & Events

I am an Artist who works with movement, film and facilitation and love exploring connections between the inner and outer realms. I draw on the felt sense of the bodymind to guide movement within the individual and the collective.

My ancestors originate from the British Isles and I have lived / worked internationally since 2008. My background is in humanitarian filmmaking, I am certified by the Work That Reconnects Network (USA), trained as a Movement Pedagog by the The Holistic Dance Institute (Austria) and have a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree from Sussex University (UK).

Currently it’s about the weave. My biggest wound led me to my niche ‘the Holistic Humanitarian’ …and that’s what I am birthing this year.

You can message Sarah from within the membership 

Rhya Merrell:

Social Media Coordinator

Hello, my name is Rhya! I’m happy and proud to be a part of the MFH team as the Social Media Coordinator. You know those posts you see from Marketing for Hippies in your feed and in stories? That’s where I come in. It’s been a joy to be able to bring Tad’s ideas, teachings, and thoughts to life for so many to see and who we hope get a great benefit from them. Besides social media, I’m also a practicing Astrologer. In my free time, I love being active, outside, cooking, writing, and learning new things or deepening what I’m already introduced to (just to name a few things). Thank you for stopping by and checking out the team behind Marketing for Hippies!

You can reach Rhya on Instagram or via email:


Fred Fogarty:

FB Group Coordinator

I like to think of myself as a professional people-helper with a difference: I used to work as a ghost tour guide and ‘jumper-ooter’, gently encouraging people’s interest in history and the human experience.
I also helped them to scream and cry. I love it, I was damn good at it, and I did it for hard cash. 
It’s funny what resources we find in strange places, eh? How these seemingly disparate skills and experiences help shape our lives. 
Like this little corner of the internet. Ethical marketing — who knew?!
I hope to bring a little caring, curiosity and humour to the horrors of Facebook.

Sibylle Meder:

Post Production

I’m a filmmaker, a Big Leap Coach certified by the Hendricks Institute and an Alumni and Mentor Guide for Bari Tessler’s Art of Money.
My superpower is to perceive beauty and transform it into connection and love: connecting people with other people, ideas they might be looking for, with inspiration … and ultimately with themselves through my art and coaching. 
At Marketing for Hippies, I am the video editor and manager. If you are watching any of the new MfH videos, chances are it has passed through my editing desk. As someone who appreciated Tad’s video content for a while, I now enjoy making it possible that all of you can watch what Marketing for Hippies has to share.

Sunday Oliver:

Membership Librarian

Libraries have always been friendly places to me. As an energy healer, I enjoy the frequencies of all those ideas and stories gathered together. On the practical side, I was an indexer for over 20 years, a book reviewer for about 10, and a bibliophile for most of a lifetime. I love working with different ways ideas and stories can be structured. And I just like words, as so many people on this site do. 

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