green, indigo and foodie drinks

You may have heard of Green Drinks. It started in England years back and now is in over 600 cities globally. It’s an event where people in the ‘green scene’ (e.g. academics, entrepreneurs, ngo or government workers) can get together to meet each other in a casual environment. We host one here in Edmonton and

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New Moon Soiree

A client of mine from Toronto, Dee Dussault (pictured to the left), has figured out a great way to become a hub in the holistic scene. Throw a party. Once a month, on the Friday nearest the new moon, she hosts her New Moon Parties. She describes it this way . . . Every month

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Parties as Marketing

So, I think parties are one of the best marketing tools ever. I’ve been talking about it more and more – and here’s some proof! This is an excerpt from an interview I did with Joel Monk (JM) and Laurens van Aarle (LV) of Coaches Rising in Amsterdam. I think you’ll dig it. JM:            So

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