“Tad is one of the most gifted and talented trainers, leaders, lecturers and workshop leaders I have ever encountered.”

“Tad Hargrave is a remarkable young man with unlimited talents. He makes the most of any opportunity to interact with young people by using humor, insight, wisdom, perception and powerful distinctions to transform the way they see themselves, their relationship with others and their world.

Tad is an activist who engenders activism. He is a leader who inspires leadership. He is a humorist who creates joy and laughter. And he is accomplished and experienced well beyond his years.

In every interaction with Tad, I come away clearer about myself and the opportunity I have to contribute to the making of a better world.”

Lynne Twist – President, The Turning Tide Coalition, Author, “The Soul Of Money”, www.soulofmoney.org



“I’ve been telling people you’re my brother-of-the-heart in this crazy business world.”

“Tad – I am so out-and-out pleased to have met you. It’s rare, and I mean it’s REALLY rare for me to meet someone in the business-marketing teaching world who has such a generosity of heart, sincerity of caring, and in-depth knowledge. Details man, I’m talkin’ details- you lay it out there with clarity and precision in a way that I’m just grateful for.

I’ve been telling people you’re my brother-of-the-heart in this crazy business world. Just taking a moment to express my love for you, brother.”

Mark Silver, www.heartofbusiness.com



“If you get a chance to work with Tad you’ll be very lucky.”

“Working with Tad is like finding a gem and knowing you want to keep it forever. His creativity surpasses anyone I have ever met and his ability to stay focused with a solid foundation of integrity is what makes him so good. If you get a chance to work with Tad you’ll be very lucky. He gets the job done, he thinks of new ideas that were never originally on the table, and he over delivers. Tad is a find, just don’t tell too many people about him J. If you have any questions, you can give me a call (310) 691-8566.”

Ari Galper, Founder, www.UnlocktheGame.com


“The top four reasons Tad is my hero.”

“1. I am a registered nurse turned director of marketing, Tad was my coach in the process and taught me how to think like a socially conscious marketer. Rather than telling me what to do, he taught me how to think and directed me towards the resources I needed to do it myself. In doing so, he allowed me to feel confident, competent and successful.

2. In less than 3 months Tad supported me in heading several profitable and successful marketing campaigns including a print mail campaign, a radio campaign and the evolution of an existing referral system.

3. Working with Tad is easy and enjoyable. He is warm, charismatic, funny, generous and incredibly intelligent. And he looks good in a skirt…kilt.

4. Everything that I have learned through Tad has since been reinforced by every other piece of marketing literature I have read. Tad knows the world of marketing and how to use it for the forces of good.”

Amber Dawn Morris, http://womenofstrength.ca



“Time and again over the last decade I’ve seen Tad Hargrave draw out the best in the audiences he works with.

He has an incredible gift at awakening people to their powers to make a difference in their own lives and in the wider community.

Give him a group of apathetic and cynical people and a short while later, after being exposed to Tad Hargrave, the same people will be more inspired and enthusiastic.

I know it sounds impossible. I’d think so, too, except that I’ve seen him do it again and again and again. When it comes to helping people find their leadership potentials, Tad Hargrave is magic.”

John Robbins, Author, The Good Life, http://www.johnrobbins.info/



“he saved me literally dozens of hours”

“Tad Hargrave is thoughtful, honest, unpretentious — and totally brilliant.  I have known and worked with Tad since 1995, and if integrity is a virtue, Tad just might be a saint.  Yet despite being a dearly trusted friend for decades, it was only when I turned to Tad for help marketing my own website that I came to see the depth and breadth of his savy.  In a matter of a couple hours, he saved me literally dozens of hours of fumbling around, and made my website much more effective.  I now turn to Tad for advise on numerous marketing issues, and find him to be a truly vital resource.  He knows his stuff, and he delivers with clarity and precision.  Tad isn’t just a great guy.  He’s a marketing genius.”

— Ocean Robbins, Author, speaker, facilitator, movement builder, and founder of YES!

“The Radical Business Intensive was a refreshingly different”

“Having previously read some popular big business type books on marketing, I found myself turned off by their overwhelming focus on business at any cost – with no apparent consideration of one’s personal values, community or planet.

The Radical Business Intensive was a refreshingly different – an opportunity to sit in the same room with other small business owners who were in essentially the same boat and to hear an approach to business that resonated with our values.

The weekend gave me a huge range of tools to re-connect with the heart of my business, and, through this connection, better direct my marketing, saying what I really want to say to the people who will want to hear the message.

The RBI workshop is tremendous value for money – the workbook alone will keep me busy for months afterwards. I particularly enjoyed the chance to discuss actual problems and issues and brainstorm tangible solutions. For me, seeing the theoretical information translated to a real-world solution helped the concepts really take hold. And while my brain was very full at the end of the weekend, I found that I thoroughly enjoyed myself the entire time. Tad has a real talent for communicating information with enthusiasm, warmth and humour that’s quite contagious.”

Vanessa Smith, Little Mysteries Books, Halifax, Nova Scotia, www.littlemysteries.com




“I wish I had come across Tad’s workshop ten years ago”

“I wish I had come across Tad’s workshop 10 years ago when I began my self directed journey as a natural and holistic entrepreneur! Participating in Tad’s workshop has given much clarity in the areas which have been blocking the growth and prosperity for my business. I have been given new tools and insights to consider and apply. His delivery is excellent and concise. I look forward to reading through the extra materials that were given. And, what inspired me the most was the exercise that helped me gain clarity regarding “what it is exactly that I do”! Thank you Tad, you truly hold a gift in the department for holistic marketing.”

Jennifer Summerfeldt, www.earthmotherbirth.org



“hugely impacted the way I interact with people regarding the work that I do!”

“Attending your 1-day workshop in Orangeville has hugely impacted the way that I interact with people regarding the work that I do! Thank you!!! Also, the parties that you hold have inspired me although I have yet to attend one. I’m getting ready for my own party next weekend: “Hey Sugar! A Sweet Soiree”

I was so inspired by your online invitation that I used it as a template. I hope that you don’t think I’m just a copy cat and instead are honoured that I think you’re such a cool guy with a great approach!

Here is the invitation to take a peak: http://beyonddiabetescanada.com/archives/340

I review my notes often! The diagrams you made were very easy to make sense of and showed the greater picture of what happens within interactions. They allowed me to see the whole picture. For instance, rather than just focusing on the problem OR just focusing on the solution, you offered ALL of the steps needed to get from point A to point B. I love diagrams and connections!!!

Also, the pink spoon ideas have been invaluable, really bringing me into more active marketing and attracting more people!

The exercise/template regarding “How Do I Articulate What I Do” has been super useful and I don’t get the glazed-eyes look from others when I explain what I do. They are all interested and can easily follow along, whether they are familiar with the work or not. Again, I review my notes often to make sure I am on the right track! Thank you Tad! Thank you so much!”

Isabella D’Alessandro, http://beyonddiabetescanada.com


“I feel like NOW I have the tools to make ‘it’ happen.”

“I was deeply impacted by how this material has the potential to turn me 180 degrees.  Though I’m feeling burned out and confused about what’s next, I feel sure that when I do get clear — these materials are going to rock my world!  I actually know that there isn’t just a light at the end of the tunnel — it’s in fact the dream of my life.  I feel like NOW I have the tools to make ‘it’ happen (business). Please feel free to call me if you have any questions about Tad’s wonderful work at (206) 650-9197.”

Hannah Albert, ND, www.hannahalbertND.com


“One of the best workshop leaders I’ve ever encountered.”

“I was resistant to exploring marketing strategies in the past, and I am excited to try out what I have learned. I thoroughly LOVED his workshop. I think Tad is one of the best, workshop leaders I’ve ever encountered! He is down-to-earth, funny, warm, generous, and full of resourceful information. I could go on and on. I am so impressed!! Can’t rave about him enough! And I will rave… Drop me a line and I’ll be happy to do so and tell you about my experience for a few minutes – 416-538-8408.”

Erica Ross, www.danceourwayhome.com



“would recommend highly to my own clients”

“This is a superb workshop that I would recommend highly to my own clients, as well as to other artists and social entrepreneurs. It gives a roadmap for growing socially conscious and holistic businesses -through effective, creative and ethical promotion methods and strategies.”

Katie Curtin, Life Coach for Creative Souls, http://katiecurtin.com/


“less intimidating . . . the ideas are realistic and low cost”

“Thanks so much for this weekend! It was very much needed and great timing for me, you’ve made marketing a less intimidating process for me, and the ideas are realistic and low cost. Plus you’ve made it into a fun process and I love you and your sense of humour, and the lightness you brought to it! Feel free to call me if you have any questions (403) 541-1012.”

Martina Sirm, http://goddessgroove.com/



“My best initiatives came from Tad”

“Thanks to the workshop and subsequent coaching,

  • I am more aware of why my clients’ may or may not choose me. When it’s because of money, I can maintain their interest and still be of service without giving myself away. When it’s because of doubt, I have different ways of letting them sample what it’s like to work with me without either party having to ‘go all the way’ or put out too much
  • I now give a little to get people interested without giving away too much. For example, I ask for something small in return (email address!), which is more valuable in the long run than the small cash tips I use to receive at a street festival.
  • I use pay-what-you-can pricing more strategically by gently indicating the value associated with my more expensive services.
  • I offer different levels of service with different levels of “risk” and cater to varying comfort levels by finding different ways to package my services. For example, it doesn’t cost me much time to give away a little worksheet, which has value to the potential client and also some viral potential.
  • Instead of casting my nets willy-nilly, I am more aware of who is hungry for my service and have therefore focused more on where I can find them.
  • I am actively changing the nature of my relationship with immediate peers to encourage mutual support and cooperation rather than go along with the old vibe of secrecy and competition
  • I am ready to repackage my services for different audiences rather than trying to be everything to everyone
  • My next business card will have an implicit value so it doesn’t get thrown out but rather “redeemed” or shared with others (still thinking on this one while I’ve got the old cards).
  • I am no longer afraid to sell Me and my interests, passions, and talents rather than trying to fit some kind of industry standard or consumer expectation that made sense yet felt ever so slightly off.
  • My “sales pitch” is more story – and process – based consisting of examples and steps rather than relying on benefits and industry concepts that only hypnotists would understand.”

Tanya Pillay, Motivational Hypnotist, www.HypnoSage.com


“I have 3 new clients in the past month, and 5 people booked for free sessions”

“Just a quick thank you!!  I am feeling so on track with things, and my website just hit the airwaves, too.  I have 3 new clients in the past month, and 5 people booked for free sessions, and I am just gearing up for my first free session on Wednesday, so am digging through more of the information you forwarded to me.

Wow!  Thank you so much for sharing this with me.  I have gotten SO MUCH out of your workshop, phone calls, and e-mails and I am so appreciative.  I am even giving marketing advice to a number of people I love, or who will listen to me (#1 piece of advice – get mixed up with Tad).

I am in awe of the amount of STELLAR information that I now have at my fingertips, and am well aware that I cannot possibly do it all (or do it all right) RIGHT NOW, as I would like to.  I can’t even look at it all right now, for that matter, so I am carefully digging out as much as I can absorb and implement before taking each new step, and setting some aside for tweaking and revamping later.

In the meanwhile, my motivation has improved 1000 times, I don’t feel like I’m procrastinating anymore, because I know that whatever I do will actually help, and things finally seem to be coming together.  I actually have tears in my eyes thinking about how much I appreciate your help with everything:).”

Lisa Kathleen, www.fullcircleparenting.com



“I was looking forward to it. I knew it would deliver a huge amount (just from reading your brilliant preparation materials and attending the intro workshop) and you totally delivered. Your generosity, funniness, !energy!, bright, crackling presentation was the most help I’ve ever had in my business and I’m incredibly grateful. Not only that, I’m re-inspired and full of hope again that I can continue to make a living at what I love to do and have been called to do. Thanks for a FABULOUS weekend!”

Jane Moody, www.janemoody.ca


“The nature of my business shifted immediately, just after the seminar.”

“I could feel the passion and enthusiasm Tad had for his work over the phone. When he called I didn’t think I needed any marketing help but I decided to attend his seminar just because of his uplifting attitude. I thought if anything I’ll gain a new friend and maybe some inspiration. I am extremely glad I went.

I gained new clarity, focus, motivation, confidence, inspiration, support, encouragement and a new friend. At the end of the seminar, I hired him on the spot. The nature of my business shifted immediately, just after the seminar.

I hadn’t realized how much more satisfying my work could be with a shift in focus. I am now attracting my ideal clients more and have more free time and I haven’t even changed any of my marketing yet.

Tad demonstrated the importance of projecting what you want so you can get it. I forgot I had that power. I am extremely grateful to Tad for instilling new awareness and passion for my work, and I know this is just the beginning.

With Tad on my team I know my business is going to flourish more and more. With Tad’s experience, heart, honesty and passion it’s a win-win situation. If you really care about what you do and feel it has a positive impact on the world you’ll want Tad on your side.”

Shaeah Fialkow, Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork & Intuitive Healing, www.alohaloveheals.com


“Down-to-earth, clear, and honest”

“The honesty and integrity in which Tad approaches marketing is inspiring. In the past I have been afraid of ‘selling myself’ or coming across as too pushy. The style of marketing that Tad presented is down-to-earth, clear, and honest. I highly recommend his seminar.”

Alison Irwin, yoga instructor and massage therapist, Edmonton


“You were not hype. Light bulbs have been going off for me ever since.”

“You are doing great work on the planet. I am very thrilled to have met you and take your course. Lots of light bulbs are going on for me since. You have helped me mostly by reminding me of my basic essence and role on the planet and that has nothing to do with massage and skin care. Thank you for reminding me of this basic purpose in my soul.

Yes, you definitely have a gift and I look forward to your continued help as I figure out a way to be myself in the world and actually make money so my daughter and I can live more comfortably and more freely. I felt I gained important information particularly direct response marketing, seeing how I can solve their problems, and my own unique ways of handling problems. And offering them risk reversal offer, to put the client at ease.

You are coming from a place of authenticity and you are fun and express Joy and wisdom. This is how I would like to be when doing business and this is the type of person I would enjoy giving money to.

You were not hype. You were just natural and had a lot of valuable information. It was not boring or slow like other trainings. I liked the liveliness and exercises that were relevant to problem solving in my business.

If I were to really apply this material I could hopefully triple my income. I believe it will. I can only go forward from here. When will you come back and live here forever?”

Bonita Carol, Ayurvedic & Massage Practitioner, Fairfield, Iowa, www.bonitacarol.com


“delivers far more than what he promises”

“Danard and I have both taken several of Tad’s marketing courses and had some private coaching sessions with him, and let me tell you, he’s really GREAT at what he does. Not only does he really know his stuff and delivers far more than what he promises, but he’s funny too (he could have 2nd calling as a stand up comic!) His classes are informative, usable AND fun!

We learned a tremendous amount about how to market our business better. He is chock full of new and interesting ways that you can tell the world about the wonderful service you provide as a wholistic pracitioner in a way that won’t cause you to go broke or make you feel like a used car salesman.”

Danard and Candice, www.thunderbirdsky.com


“a whole new way of doing business”

“I have loved every second of working with Tad. The truth is, it does not even feel like work. It is fun, light, educational and enjoyable.  He has been extremely helpful in opening my eyes to whole new way of doing business.

I think an area where Tad skill set has been most helpful has been in the way that he can instantly envision packages and ways of grouping materials together to create a stronger impact.  Things that I would never view as valuable are suddenly a strong asset in Tad’s eyes that he can use for leverage. It’s like he creates something great out of nothing!

I really feel that Tad is a natural at communicating through marketing. His approach is very similar to mine in that it is real.  He does not MAKE UP stuff, he enhances what is currently there and allows it to be seen by others.”

Marni Kinrys, founder, www.winggirlmethod.com



“Tad is one of the most inspirational, supportive and creative-thinking people I have come across in my life.”

“Our world is fortunate beyond measure that Tad Hargrave is here. Tad is one of the most inspirational, supportive and creative-thinking people I have come across in my life. Tad is one of those rare few whose manifestations in the world reflect the purity of his heart.

Tad’s work nationally and internationally has been a powerful catalyst for profound social change. I am honored to have worked with him and to share his exquisite vision of a better world.”

Alli Starr, Founder, Cultural Links Program and Dancers Without Borders, San Francisco Co-Founder, Art and Revolution Theater, San Francisco


“sure to inspire people to become magnificent leaders”

“Tad Hargrave has the unique ability to combine fun and excitement with consciousness and the courage to take a stand for ones beliefs. Mix all of these together and what you will find is a recipe that is sure to inspire and motivate people to become magnificent leaders on the personal, community, and global levels.”

Julia Butterfly Hill, author, The Legacy of Luna, http://whatsyourtree.com/



“I was excited but also nervous to attend Tad’s workshop”

“I was excited about attending Tad’s workshop, but also very nervous.  I’d never had a marketing strategy for my business… pretty embarrassing!  So exposing and then examining all the problems I’ve experienced because of this lack of knowledge seemed scary, like I’d be under the microscope personally.

But to my surprise the weekend wasn’t like that at all.  It was actually a huge relief to talk about the issues I struggle with, and so helpful to hear feedback from a diverse group of people who were genuine, empathetic and enthusiastic.  The atmosphere Tad created with us made me feel safe and comfortable enough to be honest and critical.

What I got out of the workshop was much-needed clarity around my target market: who they are, where they are, what they find attractive, and how to communicate my offer to them clearly.  His approach toward business and marketing is so honest and accessible that my attitude toward marketing has done a 180.  Tad is truly delightful and inspiring! I’d be more than happy to take a call to share my experience. You can reach me at 416-722-8746.”

Melanie Ferrara, www.devicedesignco.com


“As the days and weeks go by, I continue to attain valuable insights”

“Before I came I thought the weekend would be a mind-blowing, transformational experience. Now I think the RBI is a mind-blowing, transformational experience that will slowly unfold over a 2-5 year period. The only difference is the time-frame.

For me, the most useful part of the weekend were all of the details surrounding the weekend. The lead-up communication, the videos, the monster take-home package, the philosophy behind pay-what-you-can, the dinner event, the generosity and intention. I especially found the welcome letter to be a powerful tool. I’m still reading and absorbing it. The horrible hundred forced me to admit that I’m not in the right business which made the weekend a bit tough to sit through because I’m still uncertain as to what I should be doing. However, I’m sure all of this information will be of great use to me in the future.

So far the biggest result for me has been stirring up the muddy waters of confusion in regards to my future profession. Although Tad, you did make me realize I’m a scrooge with my clients. I had forgotten I needed to give them great value before they paid me, I had begun to feel entitled to be paid simply for breathing. Realizing this has made me feel much better about my work and has allowed me to focus on providing them with a wonderful experience rather than my being an administrator of their requests. Recently I was reading the section about really loving and caring for your clients and I noticed that although I’m not happy with the type of work I’m doing, I really do love my clients (they are carefully hand-picked and are totally awesome people) and that makes getting through the day so much easier.

As the days and weeks go by I continue to attain valuable insights in a variety of areas – some of which I can attribute to your work and the insanely huge quantity of information you have generously bestowed upon us. I’m also able to share this information with other people I know who are struggling with their marketing and cash flow. These people are close friends and family and it feels great to able to offer them sound advice based on your coaching and remarkable research. Thanks for everything, Tad. Please tell people I’m happy to take calls to answer questions on your behalf. 416-465-1173.”

Laurie Varga, www.anatomycommunications.com


“You truly are a ‘real’, authentic presenter.”

“You have lots of depth, great content that made so much common sense. You truly were charming, funny, warm, enjoyable, and your workshop always captured my interest. I want to support you to help others with this industry, and am paying more than I ever have for a workshop to match what I feel is the value that I’ve received. Thank you!”

Ingrid Cryns, www.somaearth.com



“He had my number better than I did.”

“Tad Hargrave changed my life. I mean it. When I first received his e-mail after meeting him at a symposium I thought ‘is this guy nuts? Does he want to steal my ideas? What is this all REALLY about?’ The truth is that he was right. He had my number better than I did. He was understanding of my failing business and he assigned a series of books for me to read and put ME to work!

Still skeptical, I began the long task of reading. As I read, I continued to review the notes from our conversations. To my surprise, I began to learn things about my business I never knew. I learned who my real customers are and more importantly who I am and how I define what I do – in my case I investigate renewable energy sources like biodiesel and then package that information in fun and exciting ways. By my third conversation with Tad, I had the most critical thing I had been missing – a plan to allow my customers to be my support structure in my quest to learn and teach about energy sources like biodiesel.

I expect to hit my personal income goal as well as grow my business this year – all thanks to Mr. Hargrave’s coaching.”

Joshua Tickell, http://www.thefuelfilm.com/


“authenticity and integrity”

“Your workshop was great and so are you. A ton of relevant information combined with practical exercises really opened my eyes to new possibilities. I loved your authenticity and integrity. You’re clearly acting in service of a higher cause of building community, promoting relationships, and healing the planet.”

Harvey Weisfeld, http://www.wiser-solutions.com/