What hippie doesn’t like free stuff?

FREE THING #1: The first piece of free stuff is on the right hand side of the page. You can have my 195 page ebook, “The Way of the Radical Business: The Inner and Outer Game of Growing Your Conscious and Community Minded Business.” It’s basically the core content from my three and a half day workshop (The Radical Business Intensive), plus two kick ass marketing self diagnostic tools (my clients rave about these) and a bit of info on the Green Economy that I think you might dig. Just put in your email and we’ll get it right to you. Look here ————–>

FREE THING #2: Secondly, I post cool stuff on my blog on a variety of topics from how to: become a hub for your scene, thrive as an holistic practitioner, look at marketing in a new way, what’s most important when creating your marketing plans (as well as specific things you can do immediately) and how to create offers that are so good that people say, “wow! I’d be a fool not to get that!”

FREE THING #3: But I’ve also posted around 100 pages of marketing ‘makeovers‘ that I’ve done with clients – where you can see the before and after. These are sessions that some of these clients paid a lot of money for – but you get the benefit for free. It’s a great way to learn about marketing.

FREE THING #4: And then you can also check out my free marketing videos. They’re usually 2-7 minutes long and laser focused on core marketing topics and strategies that I think are most important.