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How To Get Great Testimonials (Without Pressuring or Badgering)

I’m often asked, “How do you get good testimonials?” Of course, the truest answer is, “Do good work.” Without that, nothing I am about to say holds much water. But, if we don’t acknowledge that it’s possible to do wonderful work and not be furnished with written testimonials from the very people you served, well… …

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Good Hands

Your clients want to know they’re in good hands with you. I’m thinking about this because I just came back from a mediocre massage. The style wasn’t one I liked. A bit too abrupt. Not as flowing and as intuitive as I like. But that wasn’t the big issue. In fact, there were no big …

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On Promises

The purpose of marketing is to make promises. The purpose of your business is to keep them. Most traditional cultures in the world are overflowing with proverbs around the importance of keeping your word and doing what you say you will do. It’s certainly true for my own Scottish and Celtic ancestry. “If I break …

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Trust and the Taxi Driver

I caught a cab the other day. Actually a TappCar (Edmonton’s response to the terrible taxi cab industry and Uber). They have priced themselves in between the two. I could give you ten reasons why I love them. But there are always issues. I was heading to visit my grandmother in the hospital. “I want …

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what to call yourself

My dear colleague in the UK Corrina Gordon-Barnes (pictured right) just wrote a brilliant, brilliant blog post about the whole question of ‘what to call yourself’. It’s a vital issue because what you choose to call yourself will have a direct impact on how memorable it is or isn’t and how easy it is to …

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designing for generosity

A dear colleague of mine – Nippun Mehta – did a TEDx talk on the theme of “Designing for Generosity“. That I had to share with you. Capitalism seems to be based on the idea that we’re selfish. And there’s truth to this. We do everything we do to meet our needs. But it’s so …

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