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designing for generosity

A dear colleague of mine – Nippun Mehta – did a TEDx talk on the theme of “Designing for Generosity“. That I had to share with you. Capitalism seems to be based on the idea that we’re selfish. And there’s truth to this. We do everything we do to meet our needs. But it’s so …

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Island Z: The Unspoken Fears

A lot of us have fears we never speak about. Fears we imagine no one else has. Fears no one else could understand. And I think it’s important to know what these are for your client. I’ve been writing a lot about the journey and the key elements of your platform lately. Here’s a recap …

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resonance in marketing

I want you to think of your favourite cafe or restaurant in town. You know the one. You take all your friends there. They know you by first name. There is so much affection in you for it. It’s a place that resonates for you. You feel like you fit. I bet the first time …

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stop trying to change minds

I invite you to give up trying to change people’s minds. People can be a lot like this child – stubborn. They don’t like being pushed around. Or told they’re wrong. This is the core challenge of marketing I think. Or a core blunder. Or something. Trying to convince people that we are right and …

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deeper into why

It’s easy to feel alone in the world. But it’s not pleasant. And, the way we market our businesses can actually help heal that. In his book Start With Why, which you should really go and buy from a locally owned bookstore, Simon Sinek shares a familar old story, “Consider the story of two stonemasons, …

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the roots of all business

A quote from The Necessary Revolution (shared with me by my colleague Julia) struck as right on theme for this theme of figuring out the deeper cause our business is about. It invites us to step back and consider the underlying cause of business itself: “…the new generation of mission-based businesses builds on some very old …

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