twelve ways to figure out your ‘why’

So, over the past week or so you’ve read about why it’s important to have a bigger cause that your business is about, you’ve seen some examples of people who have or are exploring this but now it’s time to look at how you can begin to sort this out for yourself.

The first thing I’d suggest is not to attempt to do this alone.

What I’d most commend is to sit down with a dear one in your life over a hot cup of something delicious and to have them ask you these questions and take careful notes for you. They can ask you good follow up questions and reflect what they’re hearing you say.

The second thing I want to suggest is that this is not an overnight process. It will evolve and deepen over time. And that’s okay.

But I do think these questions will help you make some progress.

Here they are . . .

  • What has been one of the central questions of your life? What are those topics and questions you find yourself constantly circling around and bringing up in conversations? What are the conversations you find hardest to stop?
  • What are the different elements or worlds you’re trying to balance? What worlds do you feel like you’re a bridge between?
  • What got you started in what you’re doing?
  • What are the changes you want to see your industry undergo?
  • What is this work really about for you? Try completing this sentence twenty times, “At the heart of it, my work is about . . .”
  • Complete this sentence, “When I look at the world, what I most see missing is . . .”
  • Complete this sentence – ‘every ______ deserves ________’ (e.g. ‘every woman deserves the opportunity to have a joyful birthing and parenting experience’ or ‘every man deserves authentic brotherhood’)
  • what’s the impact of what you do on people’s lives if you do it well?
  • If everyone in your target market got to Island B, then what? What would the impact of that be on the world?
  • what are you most sick and tired of seeing in the world?
  • when you read the paper, walk down the streets, surf the net – what issues grab you and why?
  • Whatever you do – is there a metaphorical level to it? If you help people with heart issues on a physical level – is there a deeper metaphorical level to hearts. If you help people to build houses – what is a house really ‘about’? If you sell bicyles – what are bicycles about? If you massage feet – what are feet about at a deeper level?



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