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seven ideas on finding your voice

These are all human eyes. Each one looks so different (you can find more here) But that’s not the extraordinary thing. The extraordinary thing is that each one looks at different things. From different angles. Each one sees the world in a different way. Just the other day I had a 75 minute skype video …

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Greening the Desert

I just got back from leading a marketing workshop at a permaculture retreat in Alberta. This single video has done more for the awareness of permaculture in the world than just about anything else I know. It was responsible for many of the people at that training first hearing about permaculture. Why? Because – it …

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64 Point of View Revealing Questions

(this began as 24 questions and ‘sentence stems’ but has slowly expanded over time) The heart of marketing is this: “You have ______ problem, and want _______ result.” Does that make sense? You’re basically asking them to trust you. You’re asking them to follow your lead, to trust in your product or service, to trust …

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