• http://www.abundanceandprosperity.com/ Morgana Rae

    And if you’re in Los Angeles, go to Starla Fortunato. She’s a visionary. When I go to events people beg me for my biz card. (You’ve seen it Tad, right? So you know what I’m talking about.) The pic of me on my back, red heels in the air, with money and rose petals showering down was all her idea. (Well… I added the rose petals.)

    And the headshots with the magic wand and money were her idea too.

  • http://www.marketingforhippies.com tadlington

    Thanks Morgana. Good photos true! And you’re natural babe anyway :-P Yay! Yes – plug your favourite local photographer here. Share their link and how people can find them.

  • Annette Anderwald

    thank you

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