Three Headshot Photo Scenarios

Regarding your business headshot, here are three possible scenarios:

SCENARIO #1: No Photo. This is terrible. Reading a bio without a photo feels hollow. They get no sense of you as a ‘person’. You will seem abstract.

SCENARIO #2: A Bad Photo.
This might even be worse. I can’t tell you how many ads I’ve seen for holistic practitioners where they practitioner looks unhealthy. That’s worse than ‘no photo’. It’s like screaming at them ‘this doesn’t work’.

Or like a happiness coach with a photo of them that makes them look too serious. No go. Start over. Or a photo that is ‘tooooo professional’. You know the type. it looks like they’re trying soooo hard to seem powerful. Maybe the photo is blurry, grainy, shadowy etc. Or the photo is fine but what they’re wearing isn’t working. Or they really could have used a bit of makeup to take some of the shine off their face.

The wrong photo can absolutely kill an ad dead and send people reeling in horror from your website.

SCENARIO #3: A Great Photo. When you have a GREAT photo – people are actually drawn to look at your ad. They are drawn to the words. They look at you and think, “wow. this person looks radiant, happy, friendly, powerful and like they embody what their business is about”.

Your credibility goes through the roof. Your marketing materials come alive with a warmth and vibrancy they’ve never had before. They are excited to meet you. And YOU are excited to give out your materials and send people to your website (instead of feeling subtly embarrassed by them and needing to make excuses for the poor quality photos). Are your photos great right now? If people aren’t actively telling you, “wow! what great photos” then they probably aren’t.

To see some great examples of photo headshots just click here.




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