newsletter case study video:

My dear friends and colleagues Rob and Michelle at Verge Permaculture based in Calgary, Alberta have one of the most kickin’ newsletters around. Enjoy this seven minute video where I explain why I think so.


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  • Hey Tad – Thanks for the stellar recommendation and feedback. It’s thrilling to get such a great review of our Newsletter.

  • thanks for having such a great newsletter@facebook-679851717:disqus! :-P i think it will inspire a bunch of people to up their own game.

  • Gaetane Carignan

    Love it!  Tad, Michelle, Rob  your work inspires me.   Makes me want to jump on a plane to Canada from Honduras and take a course right now (from both of your businesses!).  Permaculture is the idea that puts it all together in one big, inspiring, hopeful package