Marketing Bears Talk About Niches

I just created some cartoons using this cool new website I found. These three cartoons summarize a conversation I end up having pretty often with people about niche markets and why they matter. Enjoy!

Why You Need To Think About Who You’re Trying to Reach


Why Fuzzy Niches Don’t Work (Part 1)


Why Fuzzy Niches Don’t Work (Part 2)



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About Tad

  • Marilyn Daniels

    This is hilarious, Tad! What a great way to get a message across!

  • tadlington

    Hey all – what do you think?

  • Bill Baren

    Really cool! I want to be a little talking bear, too.

  • tadlington

    It’s so much fun making cartoons. It’s all I want to do these days.

  • tadlington

    Cartoons are the funnest!

  • David Jan Jurasek

    Thanks Tad!

    Great videos!

    (the 3rd one won’t play because of a block in Canada?)

    I’ve shared them with my groups of friends who also do fantastic work and struggle with the marketing focus.

    I appreciate your use of humour and how determined the marketing bear is in helping…

  • tadlington

    weird. all the videos play for me. but you can find the third one directly on youtube here:

  • Amanda Young

    OMG! I love it!
    These are awesome… and they drive the point home!!!!

    Oh no… I am the bear who can’t buy a pancake because I don’t want to choose a target market. Every marketing program tells me the same thing… but these bears just might make me listen!

    Well done.

  • George Kao

    Tad, I haven’t laughed like that all week! Great stuff…keep rocking it!

  • tadlington

    thanks George!

  • Shane Funk

    I love the message and the technology. Listening to the computer voices were a bit annoying, or is that the “in” thing now. As voice simulation gets better so will the quality. All in all, what a great tool! Thanks!

    PS Is the boy a pig or a bear?

  • tadlington

    hey shane. little bears for sure!

  • Kim Clausen

    Hi Tad-

    Will you buy me a pancake?


  • Morgana Rae

    The good kind! I coach the good kind of change!

    Thank you Tad. It’s all so clear to me now…

  • tadlington

    kim. unlike the bear – i will absolutely buy you a pancake. that little bear is a hard ass.

  • Luma Noir

    Hi Tad. I absolutely love the bears! They are the best marketing training material I have seen yet! Very engaging and magnetic, I was totally entralled! I look forward to more talking bear episodes! Great content too! It such an important topic and one so many of us resist! Much love and success to you! Luma

  • tadlington

    Luma! you’re so sweet. thank you! Yes. You can expect more Bear Episodes. Check back to my blog every once in a while. You never know!

  • Nancy Juetten


    Great stuff. I’ll be sharing these with my community with pleasure.


  • tadlington

    hey nancy! thanks. i am thinking that soon i will ask my list what questions they might have for the marketing bears. yes.

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  • Barbara Peters

    Hi Tad,
    Your cartoon series make a superb point.
    And while I’m not at all offended by the swear words in it, I hesitate to share the link with my business colleagues who may not be as open minded. So just a thought…perhaps replacing some of the more potentially offensive words with ones that won’t rub people the wrong way. That is…if you want to build your audience.
    Have a great day!

  • tadlington

    aha! a good thought you share. thank you for that.

  • Line Brunet

    That is the most hilarious short I’ve ever seen. I too hate uncomfortable learning moments. Can’t see the third one though. Even clicking directly on the Youtube link you provided. I need to see what happens next dammit!

  • tadlington

    Line! Some people are having trouble with the third one and I don’t know why. Bah. I’ll try to figure it out. Glad you liked.

  • Valeska

    I absolutely love the bears cartoon. I have met many people, who just keep listing their products’ benefits without even listening if the customer is even remotely interested or even needs it. Like Line, I cannot see the third video.

    The reason is because of a comcast copyright violation in Canada. Can you maybe take out whatever they are talking about and avoid the copyright issue?

    Thank you for making marketing fun.

    To your success,


  • Tomar

    OMG, I hope you do nothing but make more cartoons for a while, because I can’t wait for the next episodes. And I LOVE the computer voices. Keep ’em coming, Tad. (But I did find the language disconcerting in the third one . It seemed out of keeping- Maybe that’s why people can’t access it. Are the bears being censored?)


  • tadlington

    oooh! i totally made the bears swear in the last one. maybe that’s it! good call Tomar. i’ll work on that in a bit.

  • Renee

    I so need a target market! Its like that bear was me! I want to reach everybody! LMAO.

    And I love swear bears!!! ha ha

  • Dannielle

    I love this, so useful. I am like that little bear too!

    I can’t access the third video though in Australia (even on youtube) something about ‘copyright grounds’


  • Paula

    Oh, those are great, Tad. I think the robotic voices make for great deadpan humor. I agree with the others about the swear words. But I’m a writer, and it’s just that it suddenly seems “out of character”!

    Keep them coming. What a subversive way to get your message across.

  • Cisco

    This is fantastic. I can’t wait for the next episode, and as much as I enjoyed watching the cartoon bears saying WTF?, it would be easier to share without it.
    What a great way to train people. They won’t sit still to listen to me, or a conversation, but they will totally plug in to these movies.
    Way to go!

  • Cisco

    Pancakes for everyone!

  • tadlington

    hey you, you’re totally right about the swears. i’ll be taking them out soon. good call!

  • Corrina Gordon-Barnes

    Oh my God I am absolutely cracking up over here! I’m sharing this with the women on my ‘Turn Your Passion To Profit’ programme – we’ve been looking at niche this week (or what I call our ‘Love Love Money Tribe’) and this illustrates the point perfectly. Thanks so much – you’re awesome :)


  • Renata Razza

    Hey Tad,

    This is by far the most entertaining elucidation of the Fuzzy Niches pitfall! I’m laughing pretty dang hard!

    And I know you’ve gotten lots of comments about the swearing in Episode III (every bit as deserving of a grandiose naming taxonomy as Star Wars!), here’s my thought:

    Do the swears serve a purpose? Just like your bears, your message isn’t for everyone, either. Leave the swearing in if it means folks pass it on to *your* tribe. I wouldn’t pass it on to just anyone, but I would still pass it on.

    I don’t know how you define your tribe, but there are plenty of folks out there looking for a marketing guru with soul *and* who’ll still be direct and irreverent.

    I’m not invested in whether you change the swearing or not, I just had to comment since I thought it an interesting parallel to your bear’s “whole world’s my tribe/attractive to all” stance.

    I’ll definitely be sending this link around!

  • tadlington

    Corinna! you are so kind. so glad you liked it! more thoughts on it here.

  • tadlington

    hey renata, going to edit it out so i’ve removed the second video until then. i think it can be just as funny without the swears at this point. and maybe tiny bears shouldn’t swear so much :-P

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