• http://letyourlightshineonline.com Brendon Lumgair

    Awesome information! The script alone is huge value. I totally agree that under 3:30 is the way to go and that there be a clear Call To Action in exchange for their e-mail address (build that list!). Watch our welcome video here: http://www.letyourlightshineonline.com

  • http://www.marketingforhippies.com Tad

    thanks Brendon! Yes. I commend Brendon’s work to anyone wanting to any holistic practitioners wanting to create a wordpress website that sells.

  • http://www.joyspath.com Joy

    Your blog makes the internet a better place!! I can’t wait to make my new video!!! Now to materialise a video camera!!
    Thanks Tad!
    (the exclamation marks are on purpose, I am very hyped about the things I can do with this script!!!!! :)

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  • Joyouslyradiantwoman

    thanks – great ideas. I’m just getting ready to put together a website. Wondering what software to use for creating the videos? I see people who put together what look like powerpoint presentations, but haven’t yet figured out how to do that for web/youtube/etc.

  • http://marketingforhippies.com Tad Hargrave

    hey there! I just use imovie and it works great. and i’m not sure how they get powerpoints onto youtube. they might be using a program like ScreenFlow or Camtasia maybe?

  • Simon Paul Sutton

    On point as always and just great information, I shall be passing on as well. Thank you 

  • Yarixa Ferrao

    Loved your insights thank you! would you happen to know any other welcome video examples I can look at that you think are pretty good? i film on monday so looking for all the help i can get. thank you!!!

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