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Clarity is everything in marketing.

A while ago I wrote a blog post about the importance of developing a clear platform. Your platform is what you’re known for. It’s another way of talking about ‘brand‘. It’s the heart of slow marketing (but also the basis of fast marketing). The challenge that I lay out in that post is that most people choose to be known for only ONE thing – which is the thing they do. But I would submit that there are six things you can be known for.

And if you can clearly articulate them in a single page then you are ready to grow. If you can do it in a single page then everything else will be simple (even if it takes effort).

Always remember: the confused mind says ‘no’.

There are two watchwords for your platform. The first is ‘clarity’. But the second is ‘authenticity‘. It’s the clarity and authenticity of your platform that ultimately makes your business safe to approach and easy to get to know.

And while there’s endless depth you can go into in defining your platform – here’s my down and dirty version. Each of the six elements of the platform has three or four laser focused questions to help you hone in on them. They’re the best questions I know of to get right to the heart of the matter.

If you can answer them and distill it into a single page – you’ll have the clarity you need to grow easily, organically and beautifully.

Before answering these questions I commend reading the following blog posts so that the rest of the questions make sense:

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What is it that you do? If I were to look you up in the Yellow Pages or on google what terms would I use? (e.g. plumber, hardware store, massage therapist etc.)

What is your boat built out of? How many hours and how much money has gone into building your business? How much education?

What is most important to your clients when buying what you sell? (either to have or not to have) And how do you deliver that?

If your business were to shut down tomorrow – who would miss you and why?



What is the journey that you take people on? Fill in the blanks for the ideal kinds of clients you want to have: ‘we work with __________ (kinds of people) struggling with _________ (kinds of problems) and who feel ________ (way about their problem). And what we do it to help them get __________ (result).

Who is a perfect fit for you as a client? Why?

When is the perfect moment for you to enter their life? When is the perfect moment to leave it?

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What gives you the credibility to do what you do so well? In what ways have you gone on the journey you’re taking your clients on? What have you had to overcome in order to be offering what you’re offering here and sailing that particular boat?

What qualities do you bring to the table that are different from other people offering similar things?

What are your nerdy interests, hobbies, strange lives you’ve led in the past, interesting social information about you?

Why do most people fail to make this journey? What are they missing?
What’s your map/system for getting people from Island A to Island B as quickly, easily and painlessly as possible? How many steps?
What’s your core take on this issue? What’s your perspective, philosophy, understanding of this journey?
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Why did you start doing what you do?

Beyond money, status etc. what is this business really about for you? What’s the bigger cause it’s a part of?

What is it that you see missing in the world that would help make it more whole?

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What is it that you see is possible for your clients that they don’t see is possible yet?

When you went through your journey did anything delightful happen as a result of being on the journey that you didn’t expect that you couldn’t have anticipated when you began?

What do you crave for your clients to have in their life? What’s your fondest wish for them?

What do you see is the future of your industry? What’s coming up next that’s so exciting that most people don’t even know about?

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CASE STUDY: Paolo Donati – Italian Nutritionist –

BOAT: as a qualified natural nutritionist and health coach I help people overcome a variety of health issues and improve their shape using natural foods, supplements and powerful but simple cleansing techniques. I offer live or online consultations and cleansing retreats in my native country, Italy.

ME: With a background in environmental engineering and remediation of contaminated land, at my core I’m a nerd with a true passion for bringing nature back into its pure, uncontaminated state.

I was raised on the Standard Italian Diet (still better than the SAD hey) which made me lethargic, lacking energy, mentally confused and a totally unsociable kid. Somehow I felt that food affected my behaviour and emotional state.

From a very young age I studied what gifts from Nature could make me more healthy and in tune with who I am.

I experimented with different detoxes and type of diets: from macrobiotic, vegan, mediterranean to paleo and weston price type of diets. After giving up the frustrating quest for the perfect diet, I can honestly say I had benefits from all of them. Eventually I started listening to the messages in my body and found an equilibrium that works really well for me. Today my approach to health and nutrition with my clients is absolutely dogma-free.

As a native Italian, I still have a passion for local, traditional Italian food. I love revisiting stunning Italian dishes using alternative ingredients to make them more healthy for us. After all, I believe we can occasionally indulge and feed our spirit more than our body, provided it comes from a clear message within to enjoy and live life more fully, rather than a need for suppression.

JOURNEY: My main journey type is on health. But I also help reach a state of inner peace and greater clarity by working in cleansing and nourishing the body.

Who: I am attracted to people who believe in good old fashioned common sense and trusting their intuition who find themselves experiencing some chronic health issues. They are looking for a holistic body-nurturing approach rather than reductionist conventional treatments. They are also interested in keeping fit and adopting a diet to support their levels of training. Ideally they consider adding at least some animal products into their diet, if not I am more comfortable referring them to a vegan nutritionist.

Problem: chronic fatigue syndromes, digestive problems, depression and so called gut and psychology syndromes, i.e. mental disorders such as autism, schizophrenia, ADHD and others connected to a leaky gut condition.

Result: Renewed physical energy and health, mental balance, clarity. Significant improvements of mental conditions. Toxicity is removed from bowels, liver and other tissues. Feeling more in tune with ourselves and our higher purpose.

POINT OF VIEW: Dieting is for losers… if we don’t first love ourselves, accept our current situation and that we need to take baby steps. Without this fundamental frame most of us will sabotage any attempt to move towards a diet, or anything new in life.

The ‘perfect’ diet is a quest for the holy grail. It really depends on your location on the planet, the season, your curent state of health, your history of health and what you want to achieve. For most of us, the quest for the perfect diet is just an excuse for not taking consistent action.

Elimination is as important as nutrition. The cleanest diet may lead to autointoxication if we don’t support the routes of elimination in the body.

Humans are part of nature and we should be inspired by nature’s rythms when deciding how to live, what to eat and how to eat it.

Your body never works against itself. It always does the best it can to restore its original conditions.

WHY: To continually celebrate and be inspired by the transformation in health and energy of people around me. To support as I can local farmers and food producers so their products not only will improve people’s health but also contribute to restore damaged ecosystems through sustainable farming. When in my home country, I love travelling the Italian countryside to meet local food producers that don’t even know what the Internet is.

ISLAND C: I didn’t expect that by releasing my toxic load I also got rid of old negative emotions I was still holding to. I feel lighter, full of energy and mentally clear. Now that I got past my health issues I’m ready to move on to something new in my life. I feel this food is wholesome and nutritious and I’m naturally drawn to eat it. I’m not influenced by dietary ‘dogmas’ or the latest diet in the media.



Want Help? If you’d like some more direct guidance and hand holding on figuring out your niche then go and check out my Niching for Hippies coaching program


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