Your Niche in a Single Sentence

I used to be really confused about how to tell people who my niche was. It used to take me a whole page to do it.

Now I can do it in a sentence.

Now, in a single sentence, people I’m talking to know if they’re in my niche or if they know anyone who is.

Here’s a shorthand way of identifying your niche that many of my clients have found to be profoundly useful. In fact, I would go so far as to say that, until you can do this exercise, you don’t really have a niche.

It’s deceptively simple, you just need to complete the following sentence . . .


“I help __________ kinds of people with ______________ problems.”

Ahh. It looks so simple. But the key here is that you don’t go into the RESULTS you offer people right away. At this point, all you’re doing is telling people two things: who you help and what problems you help them with.

Mark Joyner has something he calls “The Great Formula” which is probably worth mentioning here.

1. Create an Irresistible Offer

2. Bring it to a thirsty crowd

3. Offer them a second glass

Let’s talk about that second one: the thirsty crowd. What’s the point of offering water to someone who isn’t thirsty? Is that the best use of your time and money? Developing marketing campaigns in which you attempt to convince them that they are, in fact, thirsty? You could spend your days trying to sell ice to Eskimos or a double bed to the Pope and well . . .

That’s one approach.

Here’s another: identify upfront which sorts of people are likely to already need and want what you’re offering. The thirsty crowd.

This is the formula:

an underserved or ignored group + an unsolved problem = a thirsty crowd.

You want to find a thirsty crowd. It’s much easier to sell water to them.

NOTE: The niche is all about THEM. It’s not about YOU. At this stage you do not talk about the results you produce for them. You don’t talk about the methods and techniques you use (they don’t care yet). You name who they are and what their problem is. Period. Later you will need to articulate the results, solutions and benefits you offer. But not now. For now, stay 100% focused on the pain, problem or need they are experiencing.

A niche is not defined by what you have to offer them, but by what they are needing.


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