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This is the coolest thing.

My colleague from Toronto Gisela McKay who runs sent me the coolest thing today and invited me to share it with you.

It’s the coolest tool for creating your 2011 marketing calendar. It’s mostly designed for holistic practitioners – but I think you’ll find it useful (or at least inspiring and clarifying) no matter what you do.

Check it out . . .

The Marketing Calendar Cheat Sheet PDF:

Why is this useful?

So . . . I’m a lazy hippy.


My marketing planning has, thus far, consisted of, “Hmm. Yeah. I’ll do some workshops in the fall. That’s eight months away – plenty of time to plan.” And then the month before scrambling to make it all happen.

Fear of commitment? Maybe. (Get off my back . . .)

But maybe you can relate. Feeling like your marketing is a bit haphazard and last minute. No cohesive, over all, big picture plan.

So . . . the practice of having a scheduled marketing calendar makes so. much. sense.

I might just do it this year . . .

The benefits, as I see them:

  • imagine beginning your year knowing exactly what you’d focus on in each month in your marketing.
  • knowing that each promotion would be tied to what people were already thinking and talking about.
  • knowing that your content would be relevant to people.
  • that your emails were way more likely to be opened and forwarded to people.
  • that your blog posts would be more likely to be shared on social media.

TO DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY – The Marketing Calendar Cheat Sheet PDF:

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