Inviting Your Stories: 5th Year Anniversary

tadDear Friend,

It would mean the world to me to hear about how my work has positively affected your business. If you have a story to share, please post it as a comment below.




About Tad

  • Jill

    Tad, your work has inspired me to dig deeper in my business. I love how you so clearly move past all the typical marketing bullsh!t that’s all over the web, and cut deeply to how we can create businesses that both make money and make a difference in the world. Thank you for everything that you do — I regularly recommend your website to nearly every business owner I meet with.

  • I would say that the most important thing I’ve learned from you is that it’s okay to stand up for what I believe in. In fact, it’s more than okay…it’s what I need to do! y being non-controversial, I’ll never attract the types of clients that I want.

  • onespiritwellness

    Tad, your work has inspired me and taken much of the stress out of my marketing plan. I am in the process of starting a new business – creating of a community of practitioners, teachers and clients by offering a network of holistic wellness workshops – and I was feeling pretty stressed about how I was going to market it. After searching the internet I came across your website (the old one lol), and fell in love with the concept. Your work confirms what I have believed for many years about marking. I have watched all your videos, downloaded your free book, passed on a link to your website to everyone I believe it will help. I am building my business plan based on your concepts: a niche market, creating and joining hubs, and loving my customers (just to name a few). As a result I am feeling confident that my business will start out successfully. Thanks

    PS – I would love to work with you to bring your workshop to our area of Ontario – there is such a need :)

  • Irina Baranov

    Tad, I first discovered your work when I was a marketing director at a nonprofit agency in Philadelphia. I was so taken with it, that I hopped an international flight, used personal savings and spent 4 days, in the midst of turmoil and transition (having left the job) just to attend your Toronto workshop. It was life-changing. I’ve never looked at marketing, business and life the same way again. I sing your praises to just about everyone, and will continue to send people your way. Your work, your voice and your heart are so unique, so important, so helpful. Keep doing what you do, friend. The world desperately needs you.

  • Gerri

    Tad, you’ve helped me see that there are other people who demand to live and work authentically. I can be hard on myself when sometimes its just that I’m not a fit for a business approach or a job. You’ve helped me look within to find that authenticity for myself. When I’ve gotten lost to the coaching world, (there’s lots of hype and traps) your honest voice has been there for me to remember what’s really important to my own Soul. Thank you.

  • Tracey Tief

    Tad, you are the reason I have a business, now a growing storefront and clinic. If it weren’t for your influence, I would still be dishing out obscure pet slogans, and trying to get blood from stones. Because of your work, I’ve met hundreds of kindred spirits, people who help support my business as I support them. Every other marketing approach still makes me nauseous. I’ve applied maybe 10% of what you teach and am still working on it. I recommend you to all my students. Anything I’ve ever done right and been proud of in marketing arises from my work with you. Thanks. Always.

  • Sara

    Hi Tad,
    I’m so glad I found your blog. Your advise has been really helpful, particularly when it comes to using hubs to grow your client base organically. I’ve been in sales before, but I always felt uncomfortable selling stuff. It always seemed phony or pushy, and I couldn’t get beyond that for the longest time.
    Now that I have started my own web design business, Four Ewes Design, I’ve taken your advise to heart. I now know that there are others who want to reach out and help, grow their businesses, without selling their soul. I focus on the happiness of my clients, and listen to my gut when I feel a client isn’t a good fit for me. There is a lot of bad advise out there for small business owners, but with your help, I feel much more confident and able to recognize bullshit when I see it.
    Thanks again! You rock!

  • mary choo

    I have done four workshops with Tad over the last three
    years and each time I have gained clarity and increased confidence in myself to
    move my business forward. I feel the reason his workshops do this for me is
    because at every workshop I have felt heard, supported and respected. Tad
    respected and helped me move through blocks where I was stuck. The way he
    conducted the workshops made me feel validated. It gave me the confidence to recognize
    that I was not imagining the problem and, Yes there is something that I can do
    to move through it one step at a time. All this has been hugely helpful for me.
    It has enabled me to stop invalidating and overlooking myself and has allowed
    me to give myself the self-care and self compassion that I need. And doing that
    has given me the inner courage to affirm that my hearts feelings are important and
    recognize them as one of my most valuable resources. They are an important
    resource that we are very much encouraged to overlook and dismiss in the “Brave
    New World” culture that some forces in society are so focused on creating.

    But –no sweat – That “Brave New World “ is only possible if I
    as an individual overlook my heart feelings. No matter how sophisticated and
    technologically seductive that Brave New World may appear the bottom line is that
    it all comes back to me. I (and each of us) have the choice and opportunity to
    counterbalance this disturbing trait by hearing our own inner voice and
    allowing it to show us how to live wholeheartedly and embrace the whole of our
    human experience.

    And writing this feedback feels like I have finally
    clarified what my Niche for my Inner Answers website is about. Thanks so much
    Tad for being who you are and giving me the opportunity to find this clarity.

  • Carole

    Hi Tad, I am so glad I found you and I always recommend you to all of my friends. Being in what is considered an alternative business I have found your work to be a breath of fresh air. So REAL, so easy going and not entirely focused on external success like so many marketing gurus are.

    As I have always found what I do to be normal I could not understand why people weren’t getting my explanation of my work. That is until I cam across Marketing for Hippies. THANK GOODNESS! I thought that I was clearly explaining the unexplainable and now I can have a good laugh about it! And a good cry if I am honest. My marketing was a nightmare of jargon!!

    You have led me on a path that I would not have seen without your wisdom. I can now clearly state my point of view in a clear and concise way. I feel so comfortable around marketing to the point that I can even get excited about it! Thanks a million. Carole