work life balance is an ongoing battle

This is brilliant.

One of the most honest conversations I’ve ever heard about work/life balance.

If you struggle with this – check out the work of my colleague Alex Baisley who’s a genius of how to help people create a more sustainable and unconventional way of life.

You can watch the video by CLICKING HERE or check it out below.


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  • This is my line of work, my most passionate interest in life… And THIS is the best video / presentation I have every heard on the subject. I wish I’d done it.

    So good. so so good.

    Thx Tad :)

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  • so, i’d love to hear from others what small changes you have made in the quest for balance in life and “work”

  • Wow, he was talking to me. I’ve been struggling with balance for a little over a year. Although my business isn’t corporate and consists of me, as my business has grown, so has that workaholic side of me. While building a business is exciting and what I wanted, and I’m certainly proud of what I have built, I see it can become almost an addiction, to always think about work.

    But he’s right – it’s simple things that have been making me feel sane and helping me regain balance. Working regular hours. Taking weekends off. Not always answering emails right NOW. Taking time off. Having a calendar and scheduling my work. Setting boundaries with my clients. Sleeping regular hours.

    My busines and life was created by me, and so balance has to be created by me too. Thanks for sharing this video Tad.

  • thanks Tad! this was great. This is a subject that I am very passionate about and like to discuss.

    I feel I have had periods in my life when I have achieved this balance and other times I have not. Working with both Alex Baisley and yourself have helped me remind how important (i.e. the MOST important thing there is) this balance is. Now once again I am working towards attaining the balance that is right for me.

    This reminds me of the story of the fisherman and the business man that I used to share with my patients, especially self-employed patients that were overworking even though there business’s were well established. There are many versions but this is one that I found now –

    And lastly, I was recently chatting with a parent of one of my patients. I knew she was a successful business person (that is also very involved with raising her children) but I did not know exactly know what she did. Through this conversation I found out that she helps people improve their business. My question to her based on her experience was makes a successful business. She answered in one word – CONTENTMENT.

    Do you know what one definition of contentment is “happiness with one’s situation in life” :o)

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