Word of Mouth in Action: Utilikilts.com

Ignore the drunk young fellow photobombing this picture.

Notice what I’m wearing.

It’s a kilt made by www.Utilikilts.com

It’s a plain black, canvass kilt. It gets lots of comments. In a way the kilt is the pass on material. It generates the conversation and their website is easy enough to remember and every time someone asks me about it I tell them to go to the website.

It’s a conversation piece.

But when I first got it, in the back pocket were a bunch of Utilikilt business cards.

I gave them all out.

Here’s what they could have done to make it even better: they could have mailed me 20 new cards every year with a letter updating me on what’s happening with them. I would have handed them out. And, if those cards had a special offer on them (e.g. free tshirt, wrist band, fake tattoo) – and what if they’d asked me to write my name on the cards (or they’d already put a tracking number on it with a message saying, “If someone calls in from one of the cards you hand out and they buy something then we will give 3% of the profit on that purchase to the charity of your choice.”

Make sense?


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