Word of Mouth in Action: Glowing Crystal Jewelry

Why do people wear jewelry?

Sure, to look beautiful.

But what are they secretly looking for?


They want comments about it.

Well my friend Dylan Toymaker of www.crystalcradle.ca makes jewelry that gets comments.

Each piece is made out of brass wiring and recycled computer parts around a central crystal.  They’re really stunning and almost never fail to start conversations. That’s a wonderful feeling for the person wearing it – but it’s even better for Dylan who makes them. After all, those conversations are all about him. But he does one more thing that makes his jewelry even more visible and therefore more likely to attract attention and generate conversation. Each circular silver necklace has a battery and led light in it. The battery is tastefully inset into the jewelry so it blends is as part of it. The glow different colours. Glowing crystal jewelry.

The more visible your product can be the more conversation it will create.

But here’s his challenge – how do people find him? What’s the mechanism that people use to spread the word about his jewelry? In his case (and 99% of cases) his clients aren’t going to carry around his business card. And he has no storefront.

That basically leaves us with his website.Or at least what his website USED to be.

Take a look at it: www.electronic-ouroborous.com.

Would you ever remember that? If you did, you think you’d spell it right everytime? No and no.

The mechanism must be easy. He changed it to www.crystalcradle.ca. Much better.


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