Winners of the 2016 SYTYCN Contest!

sytycn2016I am thrilled to announce the winners of the 2016 So You Think You Can Niche contest!

Backstory: throughout the month of May I invited people to submit their niche summed up into 140 characters (that’s the length of a tweet!), and then to rate at least five other people’s niches from 1-10 and offer feedback to one another.

The results were fantastic. We had 45 niche meme entries, over 150 Facebook “likes” on those entries and more than 560 thoughtful, constructive comments.

I am deeply happy and encouraged by the quality of content and interaction. In addition to being fun, the So You Think You Can Niche contest for 2016 has been a wonderful platform for learning and a genuine success.

And the winner is: 

Allison Macbeth!

Allison Macbeth

Allison received an overall rating of 10, and of all the 10/10-ratings in this contest, she had the most feedback comments – thus making her our winner and proving that the amount of genuine, thoughtful, rated feedback really did matter!

My sincere congratulations to Allison – she entered a super clear niche for her work helping women to chart their menstrual cycles and balance hormones naturally.

Allison takes home the first place prize of a 90-minute coaching session with me ($450 value) + she’ll be featured on my blog in the future + a $100 gift certificate at her favourite locally owned restaurant + a free hard copy and digital copies of my book The Niching Nest + a free entry to my Niching Spiral Homestudy Course to give to a friend (she doesn’t need it ’cause she’s so smart) + $100 off my upcoming Niching Spiral Homestudy course (in case she does want to join the course herself), which will be fully launching soon!

— — —

2nd & 3rd place:

Eloise Meskanen and Leesa Klich. Each of these women received a 10 rating overall and had the 2nd and 3rd most comment ratings of all the 10/10-ratings. They will each receive a 30-minute coaching session with me ($150 value) + an electronic copy of The Niching Nest + $100 off my upcoming Niching Spiral Homestudy course, which will be fully launching soon!

— — —

The lovely SYTYCN contestants who placed 4th through 10th each win $100 off my upcoming Niching Spiral Homestudy course – a discount the winner can use or pass onto others. The tie-breaker for niches with the same rating was the number of comments offered on that niche. 

My congratulations to these folks: 4th place: Kathryn Karpinski [10]; 5th place: Crystal DiDomizio [10]; 6th place: Jill Mahanna [10]; 7th place: Bradley Morris & Andy Freist [10]; 8th place: Sherry St. Cyr [10]; 9th place: Joyce Schafers [10] and 10th place: Victoria Vernhes [9.5].

— — —

BEST MEME AWARDS go to people who created an eye catching, easy-to-read meme that really echoed their work or offering. This is a subjective category – I’ve looked at a lot of memes in my time and I chose memes that were striking and memorable to me, that were clear and welcoming and made sense with the niches they are supporting. These folks win $100 off my upcoming Niching Spiral Homestudy course – a discount the winner can use or pass onto others.

And the winners are: Josee Brisebois, Iona Bonamis, Crystal Di Domizio, Cara Leopold, Tomar Levine, Rebecca Llewellyn, Allison Macbeth, Eloise Meskanen, Bradley Morris & Andy Freist, Claire Sierra, Devika Singh, Victoria Verns, and Fran Westmore.

Best Memes of 2016

— — —

THE BEST COMMENTS PRIZES go to the people who gave the best, most useful and insightful feedback to many others in the SYTYCN contest. They each get $300 off my Niching Spiral Homestudy course – because they’re the kind of people I want in it (this is a non-transferrable prize).

Thanks for the amazing effort and deeply thoughtful feedback folks, my congratulations go to: Lia Ayley, Josee Brisebois, Sarah Chauncey, Elfriede Krauth, Dana Leigh Lyons, Liz Massey, Solona Mead, Liz Norris, Jo Maria Vernon, and Sherrie St. Cyr.

— — —

List of  Final Ratings:

Lastly, you’ll find the  list of the final ratings for everyone who entered the contest below. Congrats and thanks to all these lovely, brave contestants!

Please note: the calculation was made by finding the average score of a niche/meme’s ratings and averaging that total with my (Tad Hargrave’s) rating.

1 Allison Macbeth 10
2 Eloise Meskanen 10
3 Leesa Klich 10
4 Kathryn Karpinski 10
5 Crystal Di Domizio 10
6 Jill Mahanna 10
7 Bradley/Andy Morris/Freist 10
8 Sherrie St. Cyr 10
9 Joyce Schafers 10
10 Victoria Vernhes 9.5
11 Tomar Levine 9.5
12 Josee Brisebois 9.5
13 Iona Bonamis 9
14 Lia Ayley 8.5
15 Liz Norris 8.5
16 Fran Westmore 8.5
17 Ling Wong 8.5
18 Jessica English 8.5
19 Courtney Moore 8
20 Devika Singh 8
21 Rebecca Llewellyn 7.5
22 Mary Choo 7.5
23 Sarah Chauncey 7.5
24 Dana Leigh Lyons 7.5
25 Alice Grange 7
26 Jessica English 7
27 Tea Silvestre Godfrey 7
28 Jennifer Badach 7
29 Xine Lafontaine 7
30 Claire Sierra 7
31 Jo Vernon 7
32 Sheena Grobb 6.5
33 Elfriede Krauth 6.5
34 Cara Leopold 6.5
35 Sabrina Fletcher 6.5
36 Liz Massey 6
37 Nicole Ortega 5.5
38 Solona Mead 5.5
39 Sharon Love 5
40 Louise Knight 5
41 Seth Rainess 4.5
42 Jennifer Wenzel 4.5
43 Douglas Brown 4
44 Olga Kaminsky 4
45 Dana Pharant 3.5
  • Congratulations Allison! And everyone else. Thanks for my best comments award. :)

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