why niching can freak us out so much

I’ve long noticed how much stuff niching seems to bring up for people. They freeze, they resist, they ignore, they freak out.

On the surface, it would seem like an over reaction.

But is it really?

The word niche comes from the old French verb ‘nicher’: to make a nest.

Our niche in the world is our home, our place in the world.

And surely that’s a significant question.

So, while many coaches can’t understand why their clients are so worked up about figuring out a simple target market, their clients are melting down because they can’t seem to find their place in the world. It’s a bigger issue than it seems. Or at least has the potential to be if you take it seriously.

But it gets worse . . . because the direction of our niche is often determined by our wounds.

The things we’ve struggled hard to overcome are often the very things we’re best qualified to help others with.

And so, in setting the direction of our niche out in the world we are asked to look back inside . . . deep, deep, deep at our sorest spots. They places we were hurt the deepest. And as one of my clients in the six week Niching for Hippies coaching program pointed out, “Seems the fears are aroused when the wounds our picked at. the scabs may have formed but taking your course and the work involved made me see they had not healed over completely. Your article suggests that paying attention to this new rawness or exposure can not only help us connect to ourselves in new ways, but to those we hope to serve.”

It’s hard to admit we don’t know our place in the world.

It’s hard to look at our wounds.

It’s hard to admit those wounds may not be totally healed.

That’s why niching can be a struggle I think.


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