Why Does It Matter?

The woman here is picking the low hanging fruit on her apple tree. 

No ladder needed.

Sometimes your business is in that situation. You need the apples now and you don’t have time to run to the barn to get the ladder.

Luckily, you don’t need to. The tree has plenty of fruit on the lower branches.

But, unlike a tree, the low hanging fruit in your business is not always so obvious.

Most people have hundreds, if not thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars just hanging there, heavy on the branches of their business, being utterly ignored. Windfall profits that are never noticed.

My guess is that the reason you read my emails at all is because you resonate with the “slow marketing” approach. 

You like the idea of an honest, organic approach to growing your business but . . . sometimes you need or want to generate money fast and you might not have the luxury of a lot of time to wait for those results to show up. 

What do we do in the meantime while we’re waiting for the long-term harvest to come in?

How can you generate a lot of money quickly in a way that feels good to yourself and those to whom you’re marketing? 

How can you turn your cashflow crunch not only into an opportunity to bring in a lot of money in the short-term but, also, a chance to transform your business into something far more resilient in the long-term so that you find yourself in this “meantime” less often?

My take? Slow Marketing is wonderful but Fast Marketing has a place too. 

‘When You’re Drowning Is Not A Good Time To Learn Swimming’

Business success comes down to a steady application of the fundamentals. That’s the long game. Do a good job and develop a strong reputation. But, learning those basics (e.g. niching, point of view, hub marketing, business model etc.) and applying it is near to impossible when you’re in a state of desperation and feel like you’re drowning.

This program is here to address the drowning.

I created this program to help you get through The Meantime. 

If you’re in The Meantime, you tend to need a shot in the arm, lots of encouragement, positivity, and specific, actionable ideas. And it helps if you get to share the journey with a bunch of others who are in the same boat.

To get out of a time of crisis, you need space — and that space does not just magically happen. It must be consciously created. 

Being in a serious cashflow crisis is like being seriously injured and losing blood. And the steps to handling the crisis in your business are not only the same, they are actually the exact opposite of what you’d want to do if you were healthy. 

If you’re healthy, then you want to be following a holistic health program as a baseline (the basics) and then, occasionally you throw in some fancy tactics (e.g. cleanses, fancy supplements etc.). But, when you’re injured you first need to stop everything you’re doing to get some space. Then you need to stop the bleeding. 

Only once that is handled do we look at anything more holistic and strategic. 

I used to dive in and try to help people out. But rescuing people who are drowning is a dangerous business.

I finally saw that people didn’t need strategies as much as they needed space. There’s something about being trapped in the fear of not getting what we want (or losing what we have) that seems to shut down our ability to creatively get through it.

What’s not helpful in The Meantime is theory. What is required is are actionable tactics that you can do right away.

So, I created a 30-Day Challenge that will walk you through the precise steps you need to take and connect you to the exact tactics and strategies you might need to not only survive The Meantime but also maybe transform it into an incredible opportunity. There are five group coaching calls. Each call will focus on a vital aspect of your journey.

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