What is your message?

quill-penOver the past week I’ve written a number of blog posts all about this idea: Don’t market yourself, market your message.

I’ve written about what it is, why it matters, the different types of messages and how you can identify your own.

And I’d love to invite you to share in the comment box below what you feel like YOUR message is. I promise to read each one.

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  • Stefany G Burrowes

    Message: Freedom is an inside job: Live in Joy even though you have all the facts.

  • Lisa Kathleen

    I have a few: Parenting takes practice. Know that it is the greatest personal development course out there, AND that you are the perfect parent for your child. Let go of guilt, other people’s ideas about how you “should” parent, and even your own ideas about what a “good” parent looks like. Reconnect with your intuition of a deeper truth. Build connection, build community, laugh more, dig deeper, search for understanding first. Ask: “What are your needs? What are my needs? What can we do that works for both of us?”

  • Lisa Kathleen

    Love it!

  • Katherine

    Tagline: “Hearing the body’s messages; trusting the body’s wisdom.” Message: when you listen to your body, and trust your body’s wisdom, it’s WAY easier (and, ultimately, more fun) to navigate your health, your relationships, your job — your LIFE.

  • Lorraine

    “Be full of yourself in everything you do.”

    Tad, writing about messages came at a great time. I’d been thinking about my message and changing my website tagline to more truly reflect who I am and the Island B/C I desire people to live on. I took the posts as a signal to make the change.

    Many thanks!

    (I wrote about my POV behind the message here: http://wp.me/p3fo2O-m7)

  • Rosa Zubizarreta

    yes, i too feel that this has come at a great time. Here’s my message: “Conflict done well, can be an amazing resource for creativity, transformation, and wholeness.”

  • Rosa Zubizarreta

    and as I keep working on it, here are related messages:
    “Conflict done well, unleashes creative energy and transformation.” and
    “Creating real safety for conflicting perspectives unleashes creative innovation.” http://www.diapraxis.com

  • Anke

    “The fact that you get notifications from your smartphone does not mean that you have to act on it immediately.”

  • i saw the notification of your comment and had to respond immediately!

  • love this! nice work!

  • i really love this idea of being full of your self. apparently the word ‘self’ has its roots in the word ‘selb’ which means colour. so it’s like we each have our own colour.

  • love it!

  • if you had to pick one meta message what would it be? curious!

  • i love it!

  • Anke

    Well I’m currently finishing up on creating ‘Your Notifcation stress Survivalkit’ (a pay what you can personalised digital do book) that could help you. ;-)

  • ;-)

  • Lorraine

    Wow Tad, the connection of self being rooted in colour adds a whole new level to the message. I think we do have our own colour, like a light shone through a prism and refracted into a rainbow.

    The self-colour connection also takes me back to the movie “Pleasantville” (Toby Maguire pre Spiderman) which is richly layered with connections between colour and self. Really worth the watch for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

  • Really interesting stuff. I think it’s the core of the apple, it’s the heart of everything we do. If we don’t know what our message is, how are our clients meant to know it? Being crystal clear for what we stand for, and don’t stand for enables us to have a flag and say “this is what I believe in”. And if people gravitate towards it, great. If not then no problem, other people have other flags that might be more appealing. But it’s about claiming that space of what we truly believe in. What can we talk about hours on end without noticing time go by. I’m curious to work on my message, and hope that it will help me open up new adventures!

  • yes! i like the flag analogy. it is about standing for something indeed.

  • cherylpickett

    This is something I’ve been thinking about recently after reading similar thoughts from a few others that encompass much of what is here. I actually work in two very different topics at the moment. The one I’ve been working on getting clearer with is in the area of being a writing and publishing coach for nonfiction authors. In the last few days or so, actually before reading all of this which gives me even more direction, I’ve been working with the idea of author excellence or excellence in writing.

    It bugs the heck out of me how some are teaching that people can through a handful of paragraphs together, or hire a very cheap writer to do it, and call it a quality ebook that’s ready to be sold on Kindle. Writing like that is a quick way to disappoint everyone involved in my opinion. On the flip side, there are those who want to write something they can be proud of, but they don’t consider themselves writers, or they’re newer at it and are willing to learn. That’s one of the areas where I can help and at least part of what I want to build my business around. I’m going to head in that direction and see where things go.

  • cheryl, could you direct me towards the other sources who’d written similar things? this is a new topic and i’d love to hear what others have to say about it.

  • Darlene Goetzman


    Dr. Burton White, said something like, “You get more information with your first new car than you do when you become a parent.” (I used to teach parenting classes).

  • cherylpickett

    I thought I had replied this morning, but apparently that one didn’t take or I put it on another post??? Here is a post on Copyblogger that happens to be from today. Bottom line of the message is, have something to say and that’s what I mean by I’m seeing this idea in other forms in bits and pieces http://www.copyblogger.com/permission-marketing-evolution/

    This morning, I’d mentioned Michael Port and his Book Yourself Solid system. Again, the concept we’re talking about here is a part of his philosophy. Rather than focusing on one’s credentials, he outlines connecting with people by being clear about what you offer, who you are compared to others who do the same and stuff like that. He also had a site (someone else runs it now) where the whole point was just to have something to invite people to. The focus was simply on thinking big about business and life and that is a core message he still shares today. Hope these give you some more ideas.

  • Danielle

    Hi Tad, and all :)

    Upon working as a movement therapist and shamanic coach, I have encountered many people who are disenchanted with things such as environmentalism, politics, violence, low consciousness behavior, humanity in general, etc. and have expressed simply ‘wanting out’. I believe deeply we are all here for a SOUL purpose. So I have designed a movement/dance medicine program based upon Native and Celtic shamanic teachings, with a slogan of “Inhabit your body. Experience Life Deeply.”

  • marianneperezdefransius

    I’m really clear that my message is “Peace Is Sexy.” I’ve just been really stuck on how to turn that message into a profitable business. Aside from a website that offers a lot of free content, I’m really not clear on what products or services I can sell.

  • Rose De Dan

    Messages: A Wild Way to Heal. Think outside the cage. Unleash your animal spirit! Building bridges between people and animals since 1996.

  • Kacie Erickson

    Hey Tad! Alright, I’m a little behind in commenting on this post, as I just stumbled across as I stalk the hell out of a lot of your content (I’m on a binge today ;)). My message, in both my business and of course, life: “Quit feeling owned”.

    I use to put so much thought into this, like, it had to be some complicated, witty-yet-elusive chant. But it just is. It sums up exactly the way I live (building a tiny house from my one year old and I to call home…shed all my stuff down to around 100 items…currently shopping for a vintage B Class van to travel the country in) and now help similar minded folks build businesses based around that message= to quit feeling owned by expectations and lifestyle standards you feel are put on you. Ha, okay, could I go on any longer? I love this topic :)

  • i love that