welcome video vs. welcome video

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of people having welcome videos for their websites.

So, I just got a new welcome video done for my website by my photographer pal Donna Santos.

You can see it here.

It’s replacing the old one (you can watch it below).

I’m curious what you think? The first one was done by me on my webcam, I took the first take and ran with it. More home spun. The new one by Donna is a bit slicker, better lighting etc.

I’m curious what you think. I really like the new one – but I’m open to your thoughts and reflections. And celebration for how cool it is – that’s okay too.

Is the new one better? Or the old one?


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About Tad

  • Hi Tad,

    When comparing the 2 there’s no question the new one is better.

    But when I stumbled onto your site last week (a friend posted a link to your blog on Facebook) I remember being impressed with what I saw when I watched your old video.

    It wasn’t necessarily what you said that impressed me (although it did pique my curiosity). It was more your warm & easy way when you communicate. There’s also something non-judgmental in your attitude in both videos which puts the viewer at ease. Your authenticity comes across which is the most important thing.

    Actually, you could probably do a video in your PJ’s & bathrobe while brushing your teeth and it would still be effective…!
    (um, but no, don’t do it) ; )

  • super grateful for everyones comments! thank you for taking the time.

  • Amy

    I also like them both. Agree the lighting and photography is more professional in the second, but you do put the viewer at ease in both.

    Now I’m reading your article on welcome videos… maybe I’ll make one for my site one day, too :)

    Thanks for what you do.

  • Juane

    Hi Tad! The new one is clear as to whom the video is for … i.e., for those having trouble with marketing. The initial one is good and likeable but I wasn’t certain where the conversation was going. I don’t like the words ” thanks for stumbling into …etc”. It makes me feel like perhaps I took a wrong turn in my search for whatever. Have a terrific NOW ;-)

  • Hi Tad – its Brenda (?astrology business, Wpg.) – i do like the 2nd video better – its lighter in its presentation,
    its a bit funny, has different frames to it – your first one is more serious, a little shy, however, it is shot closer
    in and for some reason, a little more intimate because of that.

    Up to you.


  • Hey Tad!

    I much prefer the first one. It is more relaxed and I see more of your personality. I love the silly jokes at the end too!

    The second one is fine, but I did not find it as engaging.

    Maybe my opinion is a bit biased because I know you already and, well, adore your quirky sweet presence :-)

  • Judy

    I like the lighting and focus of the newer but like some others prefer the closer view of your face in old one. New one seems to put the focus of the frame to the side as if you are an afterthought. Love the addition of the tricks at the end – but to those who haven’t met you they might not understand. Like your explanation of the book and tabs better on the new one.

  • Melanie

    Hi Tad,
    The new one is great because of the lighting. I also really really like the music and editing. I feel as though your body language and voice are better in the first – more at ease and relaxed. If you could blend the two a little more… a little of the first with a little of the second, it will be marvelous!

  • Hi Tad, I love the second video best – lighting is great. your intro lets me know who your blog applies to (your niche) so I know right away if this is for me or not.
    The way you speak is more “polished” but still charming. The stuff at the end is awesome because it gives a little more insight into your quirky charming self :)

    I also agree with the others, about the intimacy of being closer to the camera in the old video, however, I love the coffee cup on the counter in the new video… So really, it’s a toss up :)

    Thanks for sharing!
    xo Colette

  • Hi Tad, I definitely prefer your new video! Everything is just better – the sound, the lighting, your focus, your articulation, where you point on the website :),… everything just has a better flow. And despite it being very professional, you still show your personality during the video and even more after, which is great! Cheers! Lucille :)

  • Hey Tad :) I read your blog post on how to create a great welcome video: https://marketingforhippies.com/welcome-video-vs-welcome-video/

    And I went right to work!! I’d love to know what you think:


    xo Colette :)

  • The original video does not capture you. Not just your personality but your professionalism, the quality of the services and information you have to offer.

    Before I met you I’d already seen the older welcome video. And then when you started to speak that day at IHN I was totally surprised because the way you are and the way you presented yourself in that video did not match up at all. You are a very dynamic speaker. You are comfortable, animated and warm. Yet in that video, you pause a lot, you seem uncertain, you say “um” a lot. Realizing how different you are was a pleasant surprise, the key word being surprise. You were better. Are. Are so much better.

    Here’s what I think it is: you feed off the crowd. You are so good with people and you seem to draw on their energy, use that to give more back. With the video that is Tad + webcam, it is obvious that you have no audience to feed off of. But then a real person filmed you, and you came to life. You present what you have to offer more confidently and show your personality (is that a cigarette you stick in your ear??) and your hair even looks better. That would be the person I would hire. (Well, not because of the hair per say, but hey, it don’t hurt.) And the final segment with the jokes made me adore you.

    So it’s a no-brainer to me. From awkward and incongruous to who you are in real life, to something just so appropriate and charming, clean and confident. Even fun. Well done Tad, it’s a keeper.

  • Jil Beardmore

    Dear Tad,
    My two cents, as an editor: I prefer the new video because several subtle, linguistic changes shifted its tone.

    * The site’s intended audience is now immediately clear.
    * Your delivery is more professional (As you clearly understand, ‘professional’ and ‘formal’ are two different states-of-being. You – rightly – conveyed the former, not the latter!)
    * The language in your new video has more positive connotations, and thus, it is more appealing. For example, you moved from “Thanks for stumbling across the Web site.” to “Thanks for finding my Web site.” You also changed “There’s just a few quick things I wanted to flag…” to “The main thing I want to say is…”. Flagging has negative connotations (warnings, problem areas, emergencies), while “The main thing I want to say” tells listeners that you’re getting right to the point, ostensibly because they appreciate clarity, and brevity.

    Two items for your consideration:

    * Structurally, there is one potential gap for viewers. You are clear on the audience, their problems, and highlighting free/important bits. The gap is this: how exactly will the free bits help relieve their problems? Perhaps it feels obvious. Still, I suspect that if it were more explicit, it would make the freebies more logical and appealing to your audience. You gave a clear problem:solution link for your marketing diagnostics, and that bit works well.
    * When describing your e-book, you use ‘pretty’ twice. When I heard “It’s a pretty good e-book” and “I’m pretty happy with it” I thought – he’s not TOTALLY happy with it, and it might not be the best work he thinks he can produce. Knitpicking? Perhaps. (I know, I know, it’s nitpicking. But knitpicking is more fun.) Still, I wonder if there’s a subtle line between humility and unintentionally conveying dissatisfaction….

    Overall, I do prefer the new video, and I offer you generous congrats. Great ending! Quirky rules. Kudos to you and Donna.

    Be well,

  • Jackie

    Hi Tad,
    I liked the old video better for how you said things (although the second was more complete), and how close the camera was to you. The new video felt just a shade less informal, less friendly, and more “slick”, which puts me off a little. The new one has a lot more black & white, too. If I were going to change anything in the old one, I’d put a bit more colour on you or in the background, and I’d add some fabric to the surfaces around you to reduce the echo/ reverb. effect.
    Cheers, Jackie

  • Barbara

    I liked the first one better.

  • Rosemary

    The second one is definitely better; one thing that was distracting about the older video is that the eye is drawn past you, right to, and even through, the window behind your head. Also, adding the desk in the second video kind of sets it up as if the person seeing the video is having a consult or something in your office. Adding the music and jokes at the end is good, too — kind of gives a better idea of your personality.

  • Thanks Tad – my vote is for #2
    – looks more like you – your personality in workshop, more animated; video is bright not bleached; the production ‘shine’ is polished, not ‘candy’; watching your expressions at the end is fun; better flow; now let’s see what i think with the speakers working!

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, the new one is so much cooler!! Wow. I LOVE the jokes/riddles at the end of the new one…although I kept watching for the cigarette you put in your ear to pop out your nose or something VERY cool. I got a much better sense of how FUN you are with the new one. I just like the feel. It’s more than lighting (I’m a photographer too). It’s the whole package. It may seem subtle to you, but then organic, home grown vs genetically modified processed and frozen seems subtle to some folks. The whole feel of the new one is warmer, more relaxed, welcoming and genuine/authentic. You look, sound and feel confident in yourself and what you’re saying in the new one. Keep it. It rocks.