Welcome to The Meantime

CherryPickingWomanMAinIt’s time to begin our work in earnest.

And your work begins with reading and considering this long but important letter to you.

First of all, some house keeping:


The Meantime Call Info:

Dates: Wednesdays January 16th, 23rd, 30th, and February 6th and 13th, 2019.

Time: All calls at 1pm-2:30pm MT (the local time in Alberta, Canada) from 1pm-2:30pm Mountain Time (the time in Alberta, Canada).

Duration: Each call is 90-minutes in length.

The specific call info will be posted on our Resource Page (password: MEANTIME_LEGIT) and on our private Facebook Group.


The Asks:

My hope is that this program will be a gift to you that is worthy of the tremendous trust, effort and money it takes to join in on something like this.

But, more importantly, this program is going to ask things of you.


The First Ask: 

An Invitation to Orient Yourself Well

That begins with reading this page well.

One of the first things it is going to ask of you is that you see this program as a place to build something together with the other participants rather than simply an online workshop in which I “work” and you all “shop” for the ideas you like. To be sure, I predict you will, like past participants have, find many ideas and insights deserving of your immediate consideration and application. I predict you will find many tools and tactics that bring you new clients and greater levels of income faster than you may have considered possible.

But this isn’t a program for people who are coming with hands full of self-pity and desperate entitlement.

The Meantime is more like an extravagant boat being built.

And guests are already arriving in a log cabin nearby the harbour, getting to know one another by the newly started fire in the hearth over cups of spiced cider made with apples grown a stone’s throw away.

Good relations and goodwill are being established slowly but surely and, behind the scenes, plans are being laid, the best seeds are being sifted out from the harvest of the last program to make something for this motley crew and of it that might be worthy of the occasion of our coming together.

This boat isn’t there as a place for you to rest for the too-short, 30-day duration of your trip. This is no leisure cruise.

Where we’ll get to, and that is yet to be seen, is something akin to a temporary community of nomads gathered together in support on each other; working on their craft and knitted together with stories of bold successes and defeats in the process of wrestling whatever particular angels or demons brought you to this place of The Meantime as we do our best to steer the ship together towards a place where your business might flourish in unexpected and extraordinary ways.

But, a boat on the ocean also takes you away from the stresses of your life, and so will this program. You can expect these 30 days to not only move you forward, but, in the midst of all your labours, to significantly reduce the stress levels in your life as you do the work.


The Second Ask:

Introduce Yourself in Our Facebook Group

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 7.00.29 PMIf you haven’t already, I invite you to read the introductions from those others who have joined in for this 30 day adventure called The Meantime. Give one another warm-welcome so each of you knows for sure you’ve arrived somewhere worth being. These folk are your fellow crew members and the better we work together, the more surely we will all make it to where we’re going.

Nothing makes things run smoother than goodwill between people and this is where it begins. Who knows what seeds might be planted in the gardens of each other’s lives and businesses during these 30 days. This group is the closest approximation to any real boat that we’ll have together – you’ll be spending a lot of time there over our 30 days together. So, let’s make it a place worthy of our presence.

Give us your name, where you live, what you do, something nerdy, fascinating or quirky about you, why you signed up for the program and how you’re feeling about it. But keep it short and to the point. You’ll be asked to pick a buddy for the 30 days and this will help us figure out who might be a good fit:

You can find the group at: facebook.com/groups/281193552538568


The Third Ask:

Schedule in One Hour of Work Time Per Day

This is critical, take out your daytimer and schedule in when you’re going to be working on your business (vs. in your business) over the next 30 days. You’re allowed to to move these times around but you’re not allowed to cancel them.

Small – I’m talking very small to the point of micro – steps taken consistently have more impact in changing the neural pathways and habits than going “gung-ho” because the latter is rarely sustainable.  There is a power of putting aside limited amounts of time (e.g. an hour or two a day). It can make one more productive than the flat-out marathon, even for a month. Because when one is forced to prioritize and limit one’s time it’s possible to be hyper-focused rather than the tendency to let the activity expand into the whole day. One hour Per Day. For 30 Days. Schedule It In Now.


The Fourth Ask:

Dig into the “Getting Started” Workbook

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 6.56.22 PMGive yourself at least three hours to do this. I ask this for two reasons.

Think of the Getting Ready workbook as your getting into your work clothes, limbering up and setting your mind to the task of this voyage. The more ready you are when you show up, the sooner we can truly set sail and the better we will all be able to work together. You showing up is important. I know The Meantime is a needy time for many of us, but, in this program I am going to ask you to put the preponderance of your focus on the reality that you are needed, more than that you’re needy.


The Fifth Ask:

Visit the “Meantime Resources” Page & Save Your Workbooks on Your Computer

There are five workbooks you’ll be using for this course, including the “Getting Started” workbook above. I urge you to save them to your hard drive now or print them off if you prefer to read and study from print. We’ll be moving through them in oder but I suggest you begin to read the “Low Hanging Fruit” workbook as soon as possible as it’s about 130 pages. If you read three ideas per day, you’ll be right on track to have read it all by the time we reach our third call together. You can find them all on the resources page. The password is the same as this page’s: MEANTIME_LEGIT

Closing Thoughts:

My hope is that this program helps you find the wealth in the midst of what may look alarmingly like poverty and opportunity in what is desperately and seductively trying to convince you that it’s a crisis.

I look forward to the 30 Days with you. We begin in earnest on January 10th.

As elder Stephen Jenkinson said so well, “We count ourselves among those graced with good fortune to have you to look forward to. May the fortunes gather at your door.”

With warmest regards,


Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 7.22.23 PMP.S. An Invitation:
If you haven’t been to one of my live workshops in the past two years, I want to urge you to check out my Marketing for Hippies 101 video. The core of what I teach in my 3-5 day workshops has been captured and recorded in a video (with a lot of other bonus materials). It’s incredibly affordable and, if you can watch it all before we start, you’ll hit the ground walking in this program. It speaks to the longer-term fix that we can only point to, like an island in the distance, during our brief sojourn at sea together. This is absolutely not required, but it could help.

P.P.S. Use Twitter: Feel free to tweet me a question at any point.