brene brown: the power of vulnerability

If you haven’t seen this video, I highly encourage you to watch it. Being willing to be vulnerable might just be the most important thing you could ever do for your business. It will help people feel safe with you and also attract your ideal clients to you more strongly. Your willingness to be incredible honest about your platform will do more to grow your business than anything I know.

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  • Ivey Jones

    Brene Brown is one phenomenal woman!
    Thanks for the reminder and share!

  • Jennifer Weddle

    Ok, Tad. You are really nailing it with your blog posts this week. I have really gone to work on being truly vulnerable recently and it is a B*tch. This little bit from Brene really provided a lot of value. Thank you!

  • thank you for sharing. I came across you by typing Callan Rush into google. I liked that post and now with Brene Brown… you are definitely one of the good guys lol

    i am a fellow marketer who is on the lookout for ethical solid marketers… it seems like you are one.

  • you are so kind. thank you :-)