hot copywriter vrinda normand schools us with seven copy writing case studies

Articulating what you do can be really hard.

My friend Vrinda Normand (pictured right) might just be able to help you.

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Here’s the challenge for most people . . .

Either what we do isn’t common enough for people to be familiar with it or it’s so common that everyone and their dog does it and we have a hard time articulating what it is about the WAY we do that makes us so unique.

To make matters worse – we’re often the worst people to try to find the words to describe what we do because we’re so close to it. Almost every entrepreneur I know struggles with this. Recently I went on a search to find examples of really great homepages. And I found almost none. So few.

Most people need some good old fashioned handholding from an outsider who knows how to use words. A good copywriter is worth their weight in gold.

I met Vrinda at a party in Santa Cruz, California a few years ago and liked her right away. We lost touch and the next thing I knew she was a copywriting genius taking the marketing world by storm.

Recently, I sat down with her over the phone for 30 minutes to get her take on my sales letter for my Marketing 101 for Holistic Practitioners weekend workshop.

Noteable quotes from her include, ” . . . are those links to other sites on your sales page? . . .

She lovingly slapped me silly and easily made my sales letter four times better than it had been before by helping me remove the things that didn’t need to be there and rearticulate what was there in a more powerful and clear way. She also reminded me about the importance of offering people an irresistible free gift as a generous sample offering.

Quite simply, she’s brilliant.

But don’t take my word for it – I want you to check out the seven case studies below. In most of them, you’ll read a ‘before’ version of a mini ad and then her re-done ‘after’ version.




Example 1


This excerpt written by Anastasia Netri for her Entrepreneurial Goddess Telesummit.

On this Very Special Telesummit, you will learn from some of the World’s Top Business Women Leaders how they Grew a Successful Business, Helped Thousands of People, and Stayed Connected with Their Feminine Power

  • Strategies for Aligning Your Business Team
  • Embrace the Joy in Your Business
  • Uncover and Integrate Your Deepest Passions Into Your Life
  • How to Balance Between Your Masculine and Feminine Energy



Attention Women Entrepreneurs:

“Finally…the Truth About What It Takes to Lead With Your Feminine Power, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive in Your Business…”

  • Hear real life stories about how strong women leaders faced burnout and overwhelm
  • Learn the common leadership mistakes others have made…and how you can avoid them
  • Discover what it means to lead like a woman and a feminine goddess
  • Learn how powerful women have struggled with fear and self-doubt

Example 2

This excerpt written by Keri Newell, Relationship Coach.

Are You Sick & Tired of Wasting Time With the Wrong Men?
Don’t Go On Another Date Until You Read This…


Example 3

This excerpt written by Rose Cole, Holistic Nutrition Coach.

“How I DOUBLED my energy – all naturally – and lost those last 20 pounds for good…


Example 4


This excerpt written by Amy Miyamoto for her program, Social Media Made Simple.

The myths that discourage most people from believing they can succeed with social media—and the shift you must make to see results

How to avoid the most frequent mistakes being made in social media which can instantly sabotage your chances for success

Why your personal brand must be crystal clear before you dive in and the best methods for easily achieving that clarity

How to implement a few simple but efficient strategies you can use over and over to give you maximum visibility in minimum time

The best strategies to remove the time-sucks from your social media activities and allow you to focus on activities that make you money


“Finally…The Step-by-Step Program to Quickly EXPLODE Your Business Online and Make 1,000’s of Lucrative Relationships…Even if You Don’t Have a Clue Where to Begin!”

  • Discover how social networking websites can open a floodgate of possibilities to attract new clients
  • Make personal connections with high-level business owners(people you never thought you’d get to meet)
  • Build a dynamic, influential network from the comfort of your home
  • Avoid costly mistakes that could ruin your professional image
  • Powerfully network on Facebook and Twitter in less than 15 minutes a day
  • Avoid common time-wasting traps

Example 5

This excerpt written by Dana Davis for her information product.

How to Eliminate Your Back Pain, Sit in Exquisite Comfort, and Transform Your Posture So You Can Stay Active at Any Age!


Example 6


This excerpt written by Shana James, relationship coach.

The Real Woman’s Guide to Real Love
5 Secrets to Inspire A Man to Give You the Deep Connection AND Passion You Long For

  • How To Bring All Of You…Your Anger, Sadness, Fear and Desires…Without Scaring A Man Away
  • The Keys To Creating Profound Connection With A Man, Even When You Feel Lonely or Unsatisfied
  • The Magic Steps to Discover Your Most Heart-felt Desires (even when you think you can’t have them)
  • The Secrets to Having More Guilt-Free Pleasure While Calling Out A Man’s Power and Confidence
  • How to Avoid the Key Mistakes A Woman Makes When Asking For What She Wants


How to Attract An Extraordinary Man …Without Compromising Yourself

  • Feel more comfortable being who you are, even around the men you’re most attracted to
  • Learn the subtle art of drawing men to you and making them genuinely interested in ALL of YOU
  • Be able to ask for what you want from a man without seeming demanding or needy
  • Make yourself irresistible with less effort and a lot more fun
  • Discover the unconscious ways you’re not giving men a chance — and potentially missing out on a really great catch


Example 7

This excerpt written by Shana James, relationship coach.

“If You’re FED UP With Settling For Less, Doubting Yourself, or Feeling ALONE…

Then Keep Reading Because You Can Become the RADIANT, Confident Woman Men Find Irresistible and Won’t Want To Let Go Of…”


To get a really quite brilliant, free Special Report from Vrinda called:

You’re About to Discover the Essential Secrets for a 6-Figure Online Business That Makes Money While You Sleep…




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