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Dear European friend,

I was scheduled to do a tour of Europe right now but needed to reschedule it due to some personal matters.

While, I know I made the right choice to return home, I also gave my word to do the tour and many people put in a lot of work to make local events happen and I wanted to find some creative ways to make up for missing you all and to honour to good work of the local organizers. 

I’ve recorded a little video below where you can learn about what I’ve come up with.




[vsw id=”WJi_iXxgiP4″ source=”youtube” width=”625″ height=”544″ autoplay=”no”]


Gift #1: The Full Workshop

Below is the full video from my intro workshop that I led in London a year and a half ago. It has most of the content I would have covered in my live workshop. The only important thing I’ve added to my workshop can be found in this blog post.


[vsw id=”91gHvaQgkMY” source=”youtube” width=”625″ height=”544″ autoplay=”no”]


Gift #2: Virtual European Tour – Free Coaching Calls

I will be hosting a four Q&A calls where the only thing that’s going to happen is my answering your questions. The only thing I ask is that you give the video above a watch before attending a call. The less theory I have to explain in the call, the more of your questions I can get to. You can attend as many of the calls as you’d like. There’s no need to rsvp or sign up on my list. Just call in and participate. 


Call #1: February 5th, 5pm GMT

To listen to the replay: 

Call #2: February 11th, 5pm GMT

Attend by Web:

Call #3: February 20th, 8pm GMT

Attend by Web:

Call #4: February 26th, 8pm GMT

Attend by Web:


To Call or Skype:

Guest pin code: 396074# 
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100 
Secondary dial in number: (818) 922-0801 
Full list of dial in Numbers: 


Bonus Gift #3: 22 Myths of Building Your Business

I forgot to include this in the video. 

This 53 page ebook delves deep into what I see as the 22 most pervasive and limiting myths that holistic practitioners, life coaches and permaculture folks often come to believe. This is my belief: most practitioners fail not because it’s inevitable, but because they believe certain myths about building their practice. They are like lenses or filters they look through that colour everything. When I say ‘myth’ I mean the assumptions that most practitioners operate under about what is normal and what is possible. These myths determine what they do and don’t do in their marketing.

I’m selling it on my site for $29 but it’s yours for free as my gift to you. You can get it here.






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