Participants of the Victoria, 2012

‘Marketing 101 for Holistic Practitioners’ Workshop

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Arne Pedersen


How I became a Hypnotherapist was a life long journey through struggling with emotional and physical pain that led to a deep desire to heal. This path has been an incredialbe learning curve. Even though I have healed and learned to excel in many areas of my life now, I recognize that the areas of attracting clients, expressing myself to others personally and professionally are my biggest weaknesses now. I am taking this workshop to learn how to network and promote my business in helping others heal though their challenges.


Art Charlton

I am a Business Mentor at Business Victoria where we help people start their own businesses. Many of our clients are holistic practitioners and many of them struggle big time with marketing. I’m looking for new tools to help these people thrive in their practices.


Bev Crooks

Twitter: @BevCrooks

I was in the stock market and in 2003 money was not the answer.  I had one of the moments when I realized there was more to life and I was missing out. A few months later I attended a free session on coaching.  I became certified as a Life Coach, took courses in relationship coaching, had profound breakthroughs when I signed up for one of the first ever classes in the world on Positive Psychology that has built uip momentum over the years. I studied Authentic Happiness and the 24 Positive Character Strenghths as well as the Discover Your Strengths. I continually invest in learning what tools I can learn to help make a positive difference in someone’s life.  I am trying to get my coaching off the ground and I have been on and off since 2003. I work full time for the income. I have passion and never want to give up. I have an ability to help people heal, move on and believe in themselves.


Chelsea Lee

Hi there!  I’m currently enrolled in the Diploma of Yoga Therapy program at Pacific Rim.  I’m a registered 200 hr Yoga teacher, and am on my way to becoming a yoga therapist.  I have a bachelors degree in English from UBC and a Masters in Business from UBC as well.  I am interested in learning about marketing specifically for a heart-centered business, and am excited to connect and share some ideas with everyone at the workshop!


Cheryl Sivertson

While I do practice Reiki, massage, intuitive healing, Taoist Tai Chi, etc. I do not feel called to run a business offering holistic services.

For many years, I’ve struggled to find a way to start a business that would allow me to do more of what I love, more of what fires me up, more of what naturally inspires me. There’s the geek side of me that is continually fascinated with technology, particularly how to use it to systematize and streamline repetitive tasks so we can work starter not harder (enter BSc in Computer Science). Then there is the “woo woo” side of me that repeatedly checks in throughout the day asking myself (about various things I might or might not do), “Is this in my highest and best interest, and the highest and best interest for concerned.” Experience has taught me time and time again that I am an eternal being, currently having a human experience. As my good friend Robin once described me, “Cheryl, you’re the most grounded Woo Woo person I know.” LOL


Cherish Adye


I am a transformational life coach who has had a passion for helping others ever since I was a street kid, back in the 70’s. After raising my family, as a stay at home Mom, I started out, at 32, as a pastoral counsellor. After a few years, I began to really struggle and stir up much conflict within the ranks, due to ethical issues I had around the pre-conceived “agenda for the client” and gossiping in the guise of prayer. So, I decided to leave this branch of therapy and moved on to gain training in professional counselling. That was 13 years ago. Since that time, I’ve been in private practice, specializing in reality based thinking, personal boundaries & assertiveness training, sexuality and sexual identity, highly sensitive persons, running addictions groups, alternative lifestyle groups and employment readiness groups, as well as teaching in a counselling college. I, absolutely, loved my job and to this day, consider it an incredible privilege to be allowed to participate in another’s journey. That was up until a year ago, when I had a serious medical crisis. I had failed to practice what I teach and I had burned out, literally. All systems down. The ensuing months if healing and learning to be cared for, myself, I was given the time and space to re-evaluate what it is that really impassioned me, what I needed to do, rather than what I was expected to do. That was to inspire and to teach. Since getting back on my feet, this past summer, I have been making my transition, from therapist to coach and mentor and it is a thrilling and challenging adventure! I can’t wait to see where it’s going to take me. :)


Cindy Donaldson


I am a computer technician and Lynn felt that I would beneft from the marketing information.  Presently I am self employed for the last 3 years. It is mainly fixing troubles as they come, so I need some more regular work coming ie. more clients to keep me busy on a more consistant basis.


Deanna  Schneider

Facebook:!/pages/Myomelt-Myofascial-Release-     Stretching/115261111890686!/myomelt?fref=ts



My name is Deanna and I love being active. Whether it be running along the Songhees, hiking in East Sooke or playing with my daughter. There was a point in my life where I suffered from chronic pain and could not live the life I have now. I was inspired to become an RMT and eventually that lead me to Myofascial Release. This was something that connected with me. Injuries affect the whole body, that includes the mind! The Myofascial Treatments are only part of the healing process though. People need to be empowered to have the tools they need for self care. I have added a Myofascial Stretching class to help people keep themselves active & healthy. I have an extensive background teaching, coaching and competing in Tae Kwon Do so teaching the stretching classes has been a natural fit for me.  I feel that I have found the place I need to be..


Dimitri de Morea

Dimitri de Morea is a counsellor, life coach and public speaker. He has worked as a policy analyst at the United Nations and at U.C. Berkeley, and as a social entrepreneur in San Francisco, where he co-founded City CarShare, one of North America’s first and largest car-sharing organizations. He counsels individuals, change-makers and leaders, and writes and lectures frequently on personal development, well-being and leadership. .





Ellen Schlesinger



Twitter: @ellencounsellor

I’m a clinical counsellor (just recently graduated with my masters in counselling psychology and i’m certified through the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association) and I’m embarking on marketing my private practice. I work with professionals experiencing depression or burnout. I additionally assist clients with career exploration and transition. My current target market is the legal community because I, myself, am a former lawyer. Therefore, I very much have a “It takes one to know one” approach in that I totally get the work environment and culture my clients are coming from. Professionals have a lot of pressure to service their clients –but who meets their needs? I do! With genuine empathy, compassion, and humour!


Erica Breau



I am a young woman with big dreams of working for myself. I am a Doula and a photographer. I love working with women and their families helping to bring their little ones into the world. I am so honoured to be present at these births. I became a Doula because I kept hearing people talk about it. I wanted to be a midwife when I was younger, but I really don’t like school and I have a hard time with the bureaucracy, paper work, butt-covering regulations etc. that went along with being a midwife. So when I learned about Doula’s I was sooooo excited that I could still be a part of that wonderful world. Being a photographer is another wonderful thing I get to do. I love capturing peoples uniqueness, and having them see photos of themselves that they love. Makes my heart sing to capture moments in people’s lives.



Photo is loading Jay Holman



Jay is a natural born dancer, musician and teacher. A true artist, he feels the rhythm and pulse in every song and is passionate about inspiring others how to do the same. Jay started his successful business, Nine to Nine Studios, over fourteen years ago teaching students string instruments including Guitar, Bass, Banjo and Mandolin. Seven years ago, his passion for music leapt off to new bounds when he began taking dance lessons for fun. Jay’s love for dance grew at a mile per minute and has not slowed down ever since. Over the past five years Jay has specialized in two styles of dance: Blues and West Coast Swing yet he continues to cross train in Tai Chi, Palates, Hip Hop, African, Ballet, Tango, Salsa, East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop and much more. With four years of teaching dance under his belt, Jay is very ambitious to build a dance community that will continue to grow for years to come. His comprehensive teaching style is one that focuses on the understanding of true partnership and connection; memorizing footwork and patterns is not Jay’s way. In educating students on how to ‘feel’ the music, opposed to counting out steps, they will acquire technique in an enjoyable and rewarding way. Even if his students have no prior dance experience, his range of abilities and years of teaching experience has taught him how to relate to all his students in a unique way. He continues to travel and train; always striving to bring the latest styles and trends back to Victoria BC because Jay understands the significance of keeping things current and fresh! Jay believes that if you love to dance, then you were meant to dance and he can show you how! Partner dancing to Jay is “Meditation through Music, Movement and Mindfulness”

Now is the time to “Dance your Freedom” and discover the dancer within!


Jeff Maciejko


Jeff is in the process of defining his business, so his bio will be accordingly vague. He is interested in photography, teaching, permaculture and art. His ideal business will combine these elements with a focus on creative expression, collaboration with the community, and synergistic relationships with businesses focused on environmental stewardship, community development and health/well-being.


 Jill Palmer


Hi there!  My name is Jill Palmer and I am a Jin Shin do body mind acupressure practitioner.   I have been practicing for about a year now and before that was always interested in the healing arts.  The reason I got into this modality was because there was a time in my life where my relationship was going haywire and I was in a deep state of depression and I asked the question, “Is this it??”  “There must be more!” And so the seeking began.  Since that time,  I have read numerous self help and spiritual books only to realize they all said the same thing in the end, “live in the moment”.   So since then I have been practicing that which led from one thing to the next.  From Meditation to yoga to Qi Gong, to Oneness meditation.  I had also gone to several counsellers before the seeking began and I didn’t like the way we always talked around in circles and never got anywhere.  So again I thought that there must be a better way to process problems or emotions and! actually rid your  body of toxicity without having to talk, talk, talk.   Because I had such a interest in health all my life I knew and saw what emotions not fully expressed did to the body.  ie.  usually ending up with a lot of disease or cancer.  So I think that is when Jin Shin do popped up for me and that is ultimately what it does.  Removes blocked energy/emotions out of the body so the body can function properly.   Usually we have so many layers, we are not consciously aware how bad it is because we are used to our body feeling a certain way.  So I am very passionate about helping people feel better and healthier and live the life they deserve to be living!


Joan Broadhurst


I own my own hypnotherapy practice in Victoria and have presented at trade shows, facilitated seminars for smoking cessation, and various marketing ventures. My clients do well, and refer thier friends to me, however, I am always looking for new clients to keep my appointment book full.
I am wanting to open a second office – in a commercial building – to share space with other holistic practitioners. I own two websites: and
I became a hypnotherapist because I know that hypnosis is a powerful means to create positive change in people’s lives and have had good success with my clients. I enjoy facilitating with group sessions.


Jocelyne Therrien

My name is Jocelyne and I’m a nutritional consultant by training. I’m passionate about nutrition and wellness and love sharing what I have learned with others. I also love to dance and cook. I have had a couple of businesses with a partner that revolve around cooking healthy delicious food for others. Nine years ago I had my first child and I have been at home since raising two children and  homeschooling them. I am always dreaming up business ideas and have recently connected with a friend who is a student of the psychology of eating and who has many skills that compliment my own. We are currently brainstorming workshop ideas and both shy away from marketing. I’m looking to be inspired by the entrepreneurs in our community and to be exposed to the fun side of marketing.


Photo is loadingJosh Wagler

I am involved in multiple areas of passion! These areas include martial arts, meditation, healing, as well as permaculture design, and community development. I have a passion for nature, and for people, and for cities! I would love to learn how to bring it all together and I am excited to learn how to market myself and what I have to offer!






Kimber Gallant

Well I’m 31 and have just changed professions. I’m currently in a Yogatherapy program at Pacific Rim College, and am hoping to open up a clinic after graduating. I grew up in Ontario, got a degree in Philosophy and Math, then moved west. I worked in the corporate world for a few years and hated it, so decided to go back to school in the hopes of doing something that matters.


Linda Campbell



I became a Hypnotherapist 13 years ago through a process of Divine Intervention.  I was working at an unfulfilling job—making beds at the hospital after people dies—and I decided rather out of the blue to give my notice and figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. So I gave my notice. I went home walking on air. Then told my mom–always the voice of “reason (or fear…). She said  “don’t you think you had better figure out what you want to be BEFORE you quit your job?’. So the next day I tried to withdraw my resignation. But somehow between 11 pm on the Friday night prior and 9 am on a Saturday morning, my resignation had been processed. So, I took it as a sign that I was meant to leave. The next moment of Divine intervention came when I was working as a substitute teacher in a drama classroom. My students were on stage and I was running the lights and I had a thought upon seeing a nearby phonebook that I should see if there was any Hypnotherapy! training on the island. Not even knowing what a hypnotist was at the time, I was surprised to find my fingers flipping pages in the book. To make the story shorter, I found a trainer and have been deliriously happy ever since. My business is very successful. I train Hypnotherapists as well and am looking to expand what I do in the next few years.


Lisa Bosdet

Hi, my name is Lisa Bosdet. I live in Victoria, B.C. with my husband and two beautiful children. I have recently graduated from the Institute For Integrative Nutrition and am now a certified Health Coach. I want to work with tired, stressed out moms with kids with special needs. I feel very passionate about holistic health and wellness and want to help people to reach their health goals by offering guidance and inspiration. I want to get my business up and running within the next year. I feel like I need some extra motivation and inspiration, especially in the daunting marketing area of things. Can’t wait for the workshop!!


Lisa Haché-Maguire


I am a dating coach, matchmaker and wingwoman here in Victoria. My work focuses primarily on three steps to getting your love life back on track: Authentication (knowing yourself), Anticipation (knowing the other) & Articulation (knowing how to bring the two together). I provide services to both men and women that include everything from individual in person/online sessions, online/text support to full programme packages.

I began helping friends fall in love very early in life (what little girl didn’t!). This year I decided to do what I couldn’t help but do and put up a shingle. I am various methods of communication and mediation including but not limited to Peer Counseling, Talking Circles, The Way of Council, Conscious Communication and Compassionate Listening. I have spent three years under the mentorship of Lisa Capa, celebrated attention coach and student of Paul & Patricia Richards. Through her, I have honed, somewhat, my sensitivity to energy, and verité, which I have furthered with training in body dowsing & muscle testing.

Along the way, I have been fiancéed, married and divorced; dabbled in open relationships and closed; been a lover and taken a lover. I’ve been the messed up one in the relationship and slowly backed away from more messed up people than me. Experiences which have, in hindsight, allowed me the grounds to explore and cultivate my passion for understanding what brings people together, or keeps them apart, as the case may be.


Lynn Ketcheson

Hi my name is Lynn and I have been a Holistic Practitioner for 10 years, working from home. I worked at an office that charged so much for therapies that I decided that I would like to serve others and give them affordable therapies, as I saw many give up due to finances. I still struggle with making calls to past clients who have not continued to come back, mostly due to finances and feel my business is going down instead of up.  I need help.  I don’t have a websit, as I am older and not intouch with modern modalities.  But would need help in getting one. I really just need help with contacting old clients, and finding new ones.


Marlynn FitzGerald


Sawubona! I am Marlynn FitzGerald. I am a Mom of 4, I ran a daycare for 15 years and have been transitioning into becoming an integrative energy worker and hypnotherapist. I have a really big open heart and I truly empathize and care for others. Also, I love to learn and seek out new ways regularly to help others on their life path. My goal is to reach out to others in order to assist them with reaching their goals in life.  I facilitate along side my clients so they begin to live the wish fulfilled:) Release and change is easier than people believe, we just need the tools to use in order to accomplish what we set out to. I really like blowing that old adage of  “no pain no gain” out of the water for my clients!
If you believe it you can achieve it!


Michelle giles

I’ve been teaching Yoga for just over a year now and am currently enrolled at Pacific Rim College in the Eastern Therapy and Bodywork program. I have been a youth worker for the past five years- Suicide Prevention and currently working with youth on probation. I’ve always felt there was a more holistic way of working with people than what I experienced helping youth navigate the world of Mental Health. I have always wanted to get into counselling- but again on a more holistic level and I definitely know I have found my calling with the program at Pacific Rim. I am looking forward to seeing clients one-on-one but have never ‘ran’ my own business or marketed anything so I know this workshop will be super beneficial to me!


Nataschaa Chatterton

Healing artist mingling Integrated Energy Healing, Acupressure, Reiki Master, Transformational Breathing and completing training in Yoga and Yogatherapy combined with Conflict Transformationist integrating Mediation, Circle Keeping, Language training and coaching with a Masters in Conflict Analysis and Management and a certificate in Mediation. Travel to over 50 countries worked in 5. Now sharing a life between beautiful BC and the Yukon learning, offering workshops and working with others towards a journey of healing and peace.

Life has been invested towards understanding the roots of what brought self and others to arrive today? Digging deeper, fervent curiosity, determined naivety and an idealistic pervasive belief in the love that lies at the core of all beings! This is what guides my practice. Life has offered much content for learning through tremendous pain and joy; it as the highest peaks and the lowest valleys that transformation has occurred through complete obliteration of the perceived self. Inquire and the stories will flow. It will be my honor to share and embrace the story of who you are!


Nicky Jones


I am a Yoga Studio owner and Instructor. I am also a practitioner of Thai Massage and incorporate other healing modalities such as EFT into my work. My big dream is to run retreats and online programs.

As of now, I am working on a Yoga Program for people who are dealing with grief as Yoga has been perhaps my greatest tool in my own grief journey.

I am also playing with the idea of customized yoga videos as my clients always ask me to give them video suggestions and I believe that the generic versions don’t speak to the individuals needs. .


Photo is loadingNicholas Poeta

Inspired to be a contributing part of a growing movement towards regenerative lifestyles.  I have three Main Of Involvement:
1) Neuro Linguistic Programming/Hypnosis/Energy Medicine/Acupressure/Breathwork An intuitively inspired interest in consciousness and biology at a young age led me into a life of study into the mystery, magic and mechanisms of mind/body relationships.
2) Growing Young Farmers Society Fundraising Administrator/ Functional-Edible Landscape Designer and Installer From the seed of interest with consciousness and energy, I have blossomed flowers of land stewardship through Building Code Certified Natural buildings and local food production.
3) Sacred Geometry Teacher Another side effect of heavy research, education and experience into health and healing through consciousness came a recognition of fundamental forces of nature, this led to the further exploration of geometry and physics and culminated in the creation of  a series of workshops now in the making.


Noreen O’Keefe

Hi – Over the past 30 + years I have primarily worked for the Governments of BC & the Yukon  as a professional social worker providing direct service, social work supervision  & administration . My career with the BC Govt. ended  abruptly without cause in 2006,  and in 2008 -2009 I spent a year working for the Yukon Territorial Govt. In 2011, on a whim, I decided to take Hypnotherapy training without any idea of how I would use these skills. After a year in training (not full time) I wrote the required exams to become a registered and certified etc. Hypnotherapist. This training has changed and in many ways saved my life. As a new hypnotherapist I have witnessed and facilitated miraculous transformations. One of my clients said that she felt that I had given her a wonderful gift. After years working for children, families and individuals with complex problems and little hope, it is very gratifying to actually help at least some of them heal and move on in a positive way. I am now starting my own Hypnotherapy Practice and thanks to our trainer Linda Campbell I am able to start in a known environment on a part time basis. It has been 6 months since the classes have ended and I need to start picking up speed  and generating some $$. I plan to have a client load of paying and supported clients and I have a special interest in working with clients who are suffering from a brain injury or disease (alzheimers disease etc.), and children and adults who have been abused  and neglected. .


Olga  Minko


An entrepreneur – beginner – started 3 months ago from scratch. I wish to help non-English speakers to  communicate effectively so they are heard and understood by providing English language/communication training workshops, personal coaching and creating educational materials. My other areas of interest is to bring awareness of challenges internationally trained professionals face after they move to a different country/culture and how the community could create a welcoming and inclusive environment. If I also somehow could create a network of local holistic green businesses which provide various quality services  and familiar with challenges immigrants go through and can go extra mile to help.




Ron Stewart


I’m 50. Was a dance artist for 27 years. and started Skyclad yoga (naked) in Vancouver in 2006 after studying with Kate Potter (Namaste Yoga) for my YTT certification.
Moved back {grew up here} to Victoria in 2009 to live with my partner on 7 acres in Metchosin.
I have renovated a barn to create a sweet studio where I offer yoga, massage and bodywork, retreats, massage nights, and a space that I can rent to others who need space for their offerings.

From being solely about naked yoga, Skyclad is growing. Through recent studies in Sexological Bodywork (somatic sex education) and Somatic Experiencing (trauma healing) I am interested in erotic embodiment, somatic sex education & healing trauma through coaching, conversation and bodywork. I’d like to create the opportunity for people to have a greater knowledge of themselves, their bodies, their sexuality & sexual potential. The sex education we never got as teens growing up in a shame and guilt based society. How to slow down and be present. In life and in Love. With intention, when the body is in a state of arousal there exists the greatest opportunity for neural plasticity, for the brain to grow, the individual to evolve. Our society to flourish.


Sarah Juliusson



I’m a Business Doula for birth & holistic professionals, childbirth mentor, birth doula, organic farmer and mother of two growing boys.  A lot of hats to wear, yes, but I love my work – pure and simple.
In the birth realm, I am the owner / founder of Dancing Star Birth, offering prenatal classes, moms groups & doula care in Vancouver, and Island Mother, offering prenatal classes in Victoria & the Cowichan Valley.    With each class I teach I learn something new, and am always growing in my practice. I treasure the relationships built with clients over the years, watching families grow and lives transformed.
Over the years I discovered that I also loved the business side of birth work and founded my coaching practice – Birth Your Business.  I serve birth & holistic professionals around North America as a “Business Doula”, providing hands-on practical business mentoring and website support.
At the core of my life and work is my belief and trust in simplicity. As a childbirth mentor, I focus on the core truths about the physiology and experience, and help cultivate tools to navigate the unknown with confidence rather than overwhelm.  In parenting, I believe that less is indeed more, and as we simplify our routines and households, our families have room to thrive.  In life, I am an avid student of the “old ways” – spending long hours in the garden on our 5 acre farm, with our animals, and learning the art of food preservation.


Tina Meathrel


The way I was living my life wasn’t working anymore. I was in a depression again in 2009 and found an intuitive development workshop that helped me start to find my way into oneness and back to mySELF. I became attuned to Reiki and trained in Indian Head Massage. I started to offer these practices in my community and floundered on the business and marketing aspect. Self doubt, the slow start and my need to keep a roof over my head lead to take a job for money and that also allowed to me to re-discover a past passion – dance. I’ve taken training in the GROOVEmethod and am looking at branching out to Kundalini Dance. Trying to reconcile my desire for anything I offer to be accessible and the need to meet my basic material needs has been a big challenge for me. I also feel as though I have no idea how to start, to approach Studios and Community Centres and ask them to include my classes in their program and make those classes successful.
I had tea with a friend who said she was attending this event yesterday and then today on Facebook I saw that another friend had invited me to this event and he’s not even in the country at the moment. I am taking this as a sign that I need to pay attention and show up for this assignment. The job I took for money is complete and at the beginning of the next phase. This workshop feels like it would help me know better how to approach Studios with my offering of dance classes and whatever else the universe asks me to share. Thank you :-).