The River Valley Sessions

The River Valley Sessions

You + Me + An Hour-Long Stroll + The Edmonton River Valley + Marketing Consultation

Dear Friends,

Years ago, I launched my Puttering Sessions: For a third of the regular price, folks could get access to my coaching over the phone with the caveat being that I would be tidying while we spoke.

That offering has been incredibly popular.

I’ve been thinking about how to do the same while going or walks in the Edmonton river valley.

The valley is so beautiful. I live twenty steps from it and don’t get down as often as I’d like . . . and the thought of walking around with this wee, radiation emitting beastie in my pocket for an hour, trying to keep consistent service among the trees didn’t thrill me.

So here’s what I’ve come up with: you and I meet at my place in Edmonton. We go for a walk in the valley for 30 minutes and then turn around and head back. During that walk, we talk about your marketing woes.

The cost is $50 USD.

The conversation will have a more casual tone to it than your typical consultation.

A smaller catch: If the session goes well, I’d like to get a testimonial from you that I could use to sell future River Valley Sessions to those who don’t believe that strolling and productivity can go together well.

If this is of interest to you just select the date and time that works best for you from below and we will meet up then.


p.s. If you want to bring some device to record the thing, you’re welcome to. Then you can go back to it or listen over again, some people find this helpful, I leave it to you.

p.p.s. Two Notes:

Note 1: I won’t read things you send me before the walk. We’re just going for a stroll. That’s all. I am doing this to get away from spending time on the screen or on the phone. If this walk requires me to read something you email me then it’s not a River Valley Session anymore and you’re welcome to book a different kind of session.

Note 2: It’s important to have realistic expectations about what can be achieved in a single walk. I recently had a call with a woman who, at the end of an hour (where I worked very hard to help her make some progress in her finding her niche) expressed her sincere disappointment that she hadn’t figured out her niche statement. My mind was boggled by this. She seemed to imagine that something that had stymied her for years would be wrapped up with a neat little bow in an hour?

This way lies madness.

If you are coming with expectations such as this, please don’t book a session. Please go and find someone else to be disappointed by. What I can offer is the very real likelihood of modest but meaningful progress in whatever you bring. That seems to happen consistently. This is just you and I chatting for an hour. That’s all. It’s not much but it might just be something deeply worthwhile.


Please click on the “Book Now” button (below) to book your session via Appointlet. You’ll see the available dates and times and do your booking through this app:

NOTE: We use Stripe as a payment gateway, meaning you can use a credit card to pay for your session.

If you’d prefer to use PayPal, my assistant Susan can set that up for you, just drop her a line at: with the date/time you’d like to book and she can hold it for you and send you an invoice. 



All is not lost!

Sign up for the River Valley Sessions e-list and get advanced notice of the next available sessions:

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Some Kind Words Said About My Puttering Sessions (similar to the River Valley Walks, but via Phone):

“He helped me move forward in my marketing.”
donollsin“My recent puttering session with Tad was extremely helpful. We covered a lot of ground and I got all of my questions answered. He helped me move forward in my marketing.” – Don Ollsin Herbal Mentor,
“His suggestions feel doable, not scary or smarmy.”
“My Puttering Session with Tad relieved the anxiety I had about marketing my business. His organic approach to marketing really resonates with me, as a shy person with a great idea. Tad taught me some basic marketing principles, he helped me define my ideal client, and he suggested many ways of reaching out to find my people. His suggestions feel doable, not scary or smarmy, which is a big relief to me. Thank you Tad!” – Nan Krueger
“He was able to see that what I thought I needed work on wasn’t the real issue at all.”
WilCarlos“My puttering Session with Tad was perfect. For a moment Tad seemed a bit more distant than usual, and in the end that was exactly what was needed. He was able to see that what I thought I needed work on wasn’t the real issue at all. His ‘detached’ state (maybe doing dishes?) worked perfectly to see that. Now I am working part time as the Development Manager for a small non-profit that I absolutely love, getting paid to make the world a better place. And that was ALL because of this convo with Tad.” – Wil Carlos,
“Tad really listened to me and my goals.”
BethGoodwin“The session was great because Tad really listened to me and my goals. I felt he gave me solid homework to do that utilized his techniques but focused specifically on my profession as a homeopath. It was great to have someone say, ‘Here are three solid things you can do to expand your connections. Work on those!’ But, again, most importantly, I felt Tad listened. Through that listening I was invited to go within and find my own answers and solutions. Thanks Tad.” – Beth Goodwin,
“Tad gave me some awesome tips to honour both the artist and the healer.”
barbarasinclair“Even though I wanted to be puttering away myself during my Puttering Session with Tad, I tried to focus and get the most out of it. Wow. What a productive hour it was! I didn’t really notice that Tad was puttering, he was obviously listening attentively to my rambling. I was a bit worried that I would waste the time by not being clear about why I’d signed up for the call. But, somehow, miraculously, Tad managed to focus for me, and he quickly helped me verbalize some ideas to move forward in my business. I’m an artist and a healer and often find myself in limbo between the two. Tad gave me some awesome tips to honour both the artist and the healer. A very worthwhile hour spent with some concrete ideas to pursue. And definitely a bargain! Thanks, Tad!” – Barbara Sinclair,


“Hearing idea after idea after idea burst into life!”

davidmcmullan“What can I say, you’re truly a gift. I thought the Puttering Calls were a genius idea and being on the phone with you and hearing idea after idea after idea burst into life, while I think you were washing the dishes, was like a conveyer belt delivering one amazing present after another.” – David McMullan


“The quality and energy of the ideas we generated this session had a potency that surpassed many other coaching experiences in my past.”

pamelaalexander“There’s something magical about chatting with Tad while he is wandering his house doing chores, and I am doing the same.  Maybe it’s the kinesthetic activity stimulating thought, or maybe it’s that I began with a juicy inquiry for myself, but the quality and energy of the ideas we generated this session had a potency that surpassed many other coaching experiences in my past. I initially signed up for this because the quirkiness appealed to my sense of humour, and I was curious what it would be like to be coached by a guy washing the dishes. But it was practical, useful, and great value for the price. I will be back!” – Pamela L. Alexander, Voice Coach & Performer,


“One hour of Tad’s time and focus was perhaps the most generous, most impactful and most challenging sessions I have ever had.”

“I recently had the pleasure of a puttering session with Tad Hargrave. It was phenomenal. I have been reading blog posts by, watching videos featuring and taking various niching offerings with Tad for several years now. They have all had a great impact on my work. The puttering session was different. One hour of Tad’s time and focus was perhaps the most generous, most impactful and most challenging sessions I have ever had. Tad fully invested the vast power of his knowledge and curiosity into my idea. He didn’t hold back. I started with a desire and a mediocre idea. He challenged me to go way deeper than I imagined possible. It’s been almost two months and I’m still working away at the challenges Tad put before me. If you know Tad and you want to be challenged to go way deeper into your work, these sessions are for you. If you are looking for a pat on the back and have your ideas validated, you might want to look elsewhere. I’m still blown away by how much impact such a short session has had on my work.” – Jim Dalling,

“There was something refreshing about being able to talk an idea out with Tad.”

allegrastein“My puttering session was just what I needed – laser focused and full of value. Towards the end of our session I felt like I was having a number of awesome and inspiring breakthroughs and new ideas. There was something refreshing about being able to talk an idea out with Tad – who I’ve never met! – and experience what it felt like to share my ideas for the “first time” and get some super candid and honest feedback around it all.” – Allegra Stein,

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