Using Facebook to Build Your Practice

Eric Brown is at it again. I don’t know how he does it. This fellow is one of the most strategic, precise, tactical and nuts and bolts marketing people I know. He works specifically with massage therapists around how they can grow their practices. No hype. All practical.

And now he’s got thoughts on how to use facebook to build your practice. I just got this message from him below – Check it out.

Thanks for joining the BodyworkBiz Group on Facebook!

I appreciate you getting involved in my little social media experiment and as a thank you I’m going to post some exclusive resources specifically for you and the other group members.

While you’re waiting for the Social Media Marketing webinar on Wednesday evening, here’s a little something for you:

I’m publishing 28 short videos (about 5 minutes each) on using Facebook to build your practice. The first seven are now up. Just click the link below . . .

This first set is a basic introduction to Facebook and outlines how to create a profile and edit your profile information. The other 21 deal more with using Facebook as a marketing tool and they will be released within the next couple weeks. Matthew who did these videos has a great understanding of Facebook. I’ll create a few additional videos to supplement what he’s done.

If you think this is a valuable resource I have a favor to ask you. Please click the “Share” button on that page and post it to your Facebook Wall. Why not let your friends know about it?




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