Why I Price My Work in USD

I often get asked why I – a Canadian who lives in Canada – price my products and programs in US Dollars.
For some of my Canadian clients, if this is a surprise to them, it feels like a strange choice, and sometimes results in things feeling “more expensive” than first perceived.
I’m working to be sure that everything is clearly listed as USD. If you see a place on my site where that’s not clear for you, feel free to send us an email and we’ll look into clearing that up: admin [@] marketingforhippies.com
Here are my reasons for charging in USD:

  • It’s the industry norm in coaching and marketing coaching.
  • More than half of the people on my email list are in the US and beyond.
  • If I were to change my pricing over to Canadian Dollars, I’d raise the prices. It wouldn’t simply look like changing the currency. I would shift it to reflect the value in USD since that’s the currency I used to determine the price. For instance, a $300 program in USD would become approximately $400 -$425 CDN; or an eBook that’s $40 in USD would become $50-$55 CDN.
  • But this is the main reason: Almost every online tool that I personally use (email, website, online marketing, etc.) I pay for in USD. This means thousands of dollars every year being spent to make sure I can run my business. These are my core business expenses. 

I hope that helps to clarifying my USD reasoning!


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