Tour Stop #2: Winnipeg (day three)

Morning Yoga Jam Crew

Day three in Winnipeg was so full of non stop amazing things.

Jeff and Beth and I were still basking in the glow of the past two days of sold out events at Hollow Reed.

The day started with a ‘yoga jam’ of myself and three friends. Super fun. We each took turns leading a bit of yoga. For my turn, I led us in an improv comedy game of telling a story one word at a time.

Then it was off to The Tallest Poppy – our caterer for the secret Green Grub and Gather party we were hosting that night.

At The Tallest Poppy, we have made an absolute commitment to preparing our food with love.

For us, “love” means that the food we serve is produced and sourced locally wherever possible. OK, we live in Winnipeg, so in winter, obviously, produce will come from other markets. But when it is available, we will source our food locally. It means that our meats are purchased from Frigs Natural Meat Market, because their meat is raised naturally, locally, and has no antibiotics or growth hormones. It means our coffee is Black Pearl, beans roasted in our neighborhood, with care to ensure that the coffee is always rich and flavourful. Our eggs are free run.

Then we wandered over to Aqua Books for lunch. It’s a super cool used bookstore/restaurant in Winnipeg. I could spend too many hours in bookstores. It’s true.

Then it was back to Jeff’s place to prepare for the party that night.

A Scene from the Winnipeg Green Grub and Gather

Which brings us to the topic of parties – and how they relate to marketing. I did an interview about how you can use parties to market yourself and you can go to read it here.

Jeff and Beth and I invited who we thought were the key hubs in the Winnipeg green and holistic scene. You can view the invite and list of attendees here.

The party started at 7pm and folks slowly drifted in. And then at 8:30pm Beth Martens led us in a beautiful kirtan style, call and response song. And then we did a go around circle where everyone had one minute to introduce themselves. By the end of the circle everyone was buzzing with ideas and possibilities for collaboration. All the while enjoying the incredible food from The Tallest Poppy.

A Mediocre Picture of the Amazing Food From The Tallest Poppy

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