Tour Stop #1: Calgary

Tad Hargrave and Brendon Lumgair in Calgary

Phew! I just led my first workshop of the tour in Calgary. It went really well (I think).

I love my job.

I was doing my ‘Marketing 101 for Holistic Practitioners’ workshop.

The format of this workshop keeps changing but lately I’ve been spending the first part of the day exploring what I think are the most critical, foundational, marketing things you can have as a service provider and holistic practitioner.

And it keeps evolving. It started with seven things, and I’m up to ten things now. But I think it will stick there. Top Ten lists are good.

I was lucky enough to have Brendon Lumgair join us – he helps hippies create websites that actually get them clients. And that they can update themselves without paying a website designer. It’s the third time he’s presented and my clients always rave about him. Yay for people who make me look good. Woot.

In one hour, those folks left with more know how about online marketing than most practitioners will have in a lifetime.

And he might even be able to join me in Winnipeg! That would be super great. Cross your fingers people.

Tomorrow at 11am I fly out to Winnipeg and lead a workshop Thursday night (and then another Friday and finally one on Sunday).


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