About You

We work with good businesses.

That could mean: “green business”, local business, sustainable business, social entrepreneurs, holistic practitioners, life-affirming and otherwise conscious entrepreneurs.

I find that, for the most part, they keep ‘meaning’ to handle their marketing but are a bit ‘allergic’ to notions of sales, marketing and self-promotion. They think it’s kind of gross. They look at what many of the bigger names in ‘conscious wealth’ do and secretly hate it (but sometimes do it because they think it’s the only way to grow their business). A lot of them have sort of given up hope that there’s any way to market what they do that resonates with them and feels in integrity.

Perhaps you are selling a natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free or otherwise healthy product (e.g. organic dog biscuits, recycled journals, organic cloth diapers, hemp clothing, bamboo flooring etc.)

Or you’re in the Healing Arts or a Holistic Practitioner (perhaps you’re a Therapist, Massage Therapist or Body-worker, Yoga Instructor, Herbalist, Shamanic Practitioner, Life-Coach, Meditation Teacher etc.) . . .

Or maybe you’re a local business owner that just plain cares deeply about your community, nature and social justice? ( maybe you run a Yoga Studio, Eco-Friendly House Cleaning company, an Organic Farm, a local Theater Company, a Fitness Studio, a comfy, little locally owned Bookstore, a groovy local Restaurant, an Eco-Store, a Pottery shop or a Natural Health-Food Stores etc.)

With the situation so dire in the world – we need successful alternatives like never before. More and more people want to create healthy and sustainable lives and are desperate for alternatives (that’s you!).

But this means not only creating the alternatives – it means telling the world about them. It means presenting the real value of what you do in an attractive, competent and compelling manner. It means spreading the word. It means getting people to try them out.

In a word – marketing.

You love your business and it’s a success because you’re very good at what you do.


It is not because you’re excellent at articulating the unique value of what you do. It’s not because you’re a great marketer. In fact, most of your growth has come from word-of-mouth.

You know in your heart, mind and gut that if you could clearly articulate the essence of what you do to more of the right people, you would have all the business you could handle, and more. But you don’t know how to do it.

You want to attract more clients and cash-flow but you want to do it in non-pressuring, non hype-filled ways.

In fact, you need to because your clients are instantly repelled by the slightest hint of hype or pressure. So – how do you promote what you do in a way that is not only effective but “feels good”?

How do you sell your products and services
(without selling your soul)?

I hope you will find the products, services and events here to be of some support in the success of whatever conscious endeavour you’ve got going. Plus – be sure to check out all of the free stuff too.