the top 40 clearest niches out of 119 – as voted by you!

On January 8th, in the lead up to my six week ‘Niching for Hippies’ coaching program, I invited my email list to participate in a challenge called – ‘So You Think You Can Niche’.

As of this moment there were 119 submissions and 1587 comments on the blog thread.

I have spent the last 12 hours going through it and tabulating the results from it. And what you see below are the Top 40 niche submissions as chosen by you. I will be sharing more learnings that came from this contest in the coming weeks, but for now, I invite you to enjoy reading forty niches that the majority of people found extremely clear. They’re all excellent examples of a niche that most people would ‘get’ right away.

On the left hand side you’ll see their average score that people gave them from 1-10.

Note: If you are represented here and would like me to add your website or update what is written please drop me a line and let me know.

   10 Kathy Whitham – I help parents who are at the end of their rope successfully stop the power struggles, connect with their kids and restore peace at home.
10 Leslie Singer – Is midlife messing up your mojo? I coach women to reclaim their sense of self, declare their life purpose & flourish.
10 Lisa Mcloughlin “Coaching introverts: optimising your quiet strengths
10 Monique Lallemang I help people with neurological issues to find solutions for making their life smoother and enjoyable. I help people with peripheral neuropathy customize daily rituals, identify healing opportunities and achieve greater happiness
9.75 Sven the Tantric Barbarian – I help female yoga teachers to experience full body orgasms.
 9.6 Alison Downey – I re-ignite hope for people suffering from chronic pain or emotional distress, using acupuncture to provide long-awaited relief. <” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>
target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”> 9.5 Paula Blundell – I work hands-on for, or alongside, busy eco-minded inner city Calgarian’s to get their home organized, achieve order & make room to breathe.
9.47 Jennifer Fedd – I produce and publish audio books for contemporary romance writers.
 9.3 Claudia Neely – I help adults with Asperger’s and/or ADHD build intimate relationships, from learning to date, to finding friends and peer groups, to exploring healthy sexuality.
9.25 Tanja Gardner – I help coaches, healers & other difference-makers communicate the AWESOMENESS of their services through clear copywriting
9 Dawn Trautman – I coach progressive Protestants to discover a calling that aligns with God, their community, and their own sense of joy.
9 Elinor Predota – I help LGBT & poly couples to have the wedding & marriage they desire through ceremony creation & relationship coaching.
9 Joanne Diepenheim – I free heart-centered entrepreneurs from the technical administration work they don’t have the know-how, time, or inclination for.
9 Katherine Pike – I help women and men over 40 struggling with food and with diets to lose weight naturally without giving up all the things they love to eat.
9 Peter – I help service-based woman entrepreneurs charge what they worth, get 4 more hours of fun per week without being saleasy and convincing to clients.


8.96 Sian Delaney – I help older people affected by frailty, illness or disability receive the care they need in the home that they love.
8.85 Kim McNeil – I offer private in-home yoga therapy, workshops, and retreats for those living with arthritis whose needs are not met in conventional yoga classes.
8.81 Dillena – I help LGBT folks with depression, anxiety and self-esteem issues feel happy and secure with themselves using a caring, drug-free approach.
8.8 Renee Stotz – As the Womb Wellness Coach, I help women who have had an abortion, heal their mental, emotional & physical well-being
8.75 Rebecca Allen – I help broken hearts heal their wounds when relationships end. Shiatsu helps grief evolve naturally so you can laugh, love and be happy again.
8.5 Joseph Coats – I help connect people to nature by creating edible and usefull landscapes that provide for many of their basic needs (food, H2o, fiber,fuel)
8.57 Camilla Freeman – I help women and couples maximize fertility with customized dietary, herbal medicine and movement plans
8.56 Jacquie Robertson – I help bitchy, bloated & burnt-out female professionals have more energy, love their body & feel less stressed.
8.5 Geneviève Côté – I help women struggling with anxiety disorders live anxiety-free with the help of practical herbal medicine and other drug free techniques.
8.5 Miki – I help soul-wounded fathers heal while raising boys who come of age with a deep sense of purpose and belonging.
8.45 Tamara – I’m a floral designer that works with brides who’ve been dreaming about their wedding since they were little girls.
8.45 KlaraBowPie – I handmake specially designed blankets to help people with Post Traumatic Stress feel safe
8.4 LisaReinhardt – Women love our organic vegan dark chocolate that’s infused with herbs, spices & flower essences to balance body & mind
8.4 I sell ethically produced wild life pendants in soapstone targetted at children to remind them of animal rights and environmental issues.
8.38 Caroline Van Kimmenade – I teach struggling empathic people who feel overwhelmed and fearful how to make their sensitivity a joyful gift so that they work working WITH their sensitivity instead of fighting it
8.33 Janina Na – I make artisanal bath and body care luxuries for people with sensitive skin and/or multiple chemical sensitivities.
8.33 KC Schwarz – I use Thai yoga massage to help older guys ease the effects of aging on a physically demanding lifestyle.
8.32 Lucy Lambriex – I use photography & text to portray enterprising people who care about authenticity, so they will attract the people and clients that fit.
8.3 Lori RN(a.k.a.Minky) – I mentor nurses who are fitness enthusiasts, combine their nursing skills and fitness training to improve the health of people ‘at-risk’ for disease.
8.24 Kat – I teach single moms how to release overwhlem and frustration, be confident parents and be the change they want to see in their children
8.2 Mark Zlochin – i help “crazy”, creative and ambitious people in becoming more focused, organized and productive, so they can realize their potential most fully.
8 Sarah – I show sufferers of Fibromyalgia and CFS how to manage symptoms, relieve pain, and re-occupy their lives.
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