The Three People Who Can Help You Build Your Website

There are three kinds of people who can help you build your website.

But only ONE of them will make you any money for sure.

  • Web Designers: these people will make your website look beautiful. People will compliment you on how gorgeous it is. And you will feel good. While you starve. Because the website may not get you clients. And don’t get me wrong – beauty matters. Beauty can help. But beauty, in and of itself, won’t sell half as much as beauty + marketing strategy. Beauty and aesthetics are not a replacement for marketing smarts. If you’re interested in making your website more beautiful and communicating who you are in an authentic way – there’s no one I can better recommend than Carrie Klassen with Pink Elephant Communications. I am also a huge fan of Brooke Semple.
  • Web Nerds: these people totally get the ‘back end’ and ‘under the engine’ side of things. You’ll get cool widgets that will work wonderfully. And you can play with them in between scrounging through the couch for change because this website doesn’t get you clients ever.
  • Online Marketers: these people will make you money. They understand a bit about design and minor bits about back end. But what they understand incredibly well is how your website fits into the larger marketing picture of your business. They get how your website relates to your blog, youtube, facebook, twitter, google etc.

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