The Meantime – Alumni Offer

The Meantime – Alumni Offer

If you’ve found your way to this page, you’re an alumni of Tad’s program The Meantime. This is a special offer for you to do another round of the program we’d love to welcome you back!

In reviewing the feedback I’ve received from folks who’ve done the program more than once, I think that there can be great value found in working through this process a second (or even third?!) time since you approach it with the basic concepts already in place and having practiced it before.
But you can, perhaps, still benefit from the rigour of the program and the check-ins via phone and through the Facebook private group community of this session. There’s something about 30 days of focused effort.

And as a bonus, I will be hosting a Meantime Alumni ONLY call on January 6th (two days before the program kicks off) focussing on niche coaching for each alumnus on the call.

As you learned last time you worked through The Meantime, you learned your niche is really important. And on this special 90-minute call Tad will work through each of your niches to get you off to a head start and a deeper focus through your current Meantime.

  • Exclusive Meantime Alumni Call:
    • Date: Monday, January 6th 2020
    • Time: 2pm MT (local time in Alberta, Canada)
    • Focus: Niche Coaching
  • PLUS The Meantime 30-Day Challenge, January 8th-February 5th, 2020

If you’re interested in another cycle through The Meantime, please register below. If you need a refresher of what The Meantime program looks like, check out the sales page before you purchase your Meantime Alumni option below.

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